Wednesday, February 16, 2011

I was carried to Ohio in a swarm of bees...

Nah, that is a giant lie, it's just a good line from a song by The National. I totally missed almost every new album that came out last year, but then Ross' mum got a huge package of things from Amazon for Christmas and my birthday - totally awesome.


Ha, I saw some hilarious graffiti the other day. It was on the back side of a little electrical box thing, so not a very high risk target. And the text: Korn, with not only the backwards 'R', but also a backwards 'K'... And probably the 'O', too, but you can't really tell, I guess. The only letter definitively the right way around was the 'N', and even that looked like they'd hesitated on the middle slanty line. Awesome.


What else? Got some cheap fish from work today, and I had the option to clean it myself, thus satisfying me that it is totally wormless. So Sigga's making fish and chips for dinner, yay! Complete with homemade tartare sauce - did you know it's just mayo, finely chopped pickles and capers? How can something so delicious be so easy? It's a good thing it is, because you can't get it in shops here. Oh Iceland, for a country who loves fish, you are way behind on condiments...


Holy crap, did you know that you can get fake teeth for toddlers in beauty pageants? Also, I just saw a lady baby talking to her daughter - 'Yeah, it's a hairpiece from real hair, if it was synthetic, we wouldn't be able to put it in hot rollers. That would melt it aaaaaalllll up!'

And another mother saying that she wasn't really a 'pageant mom' because she had experience working in early childcare. And then another one talking about how she puts her boys in pageants because they're the daughters she never had. Yeah, that won't mess them up at all.

And at least two of the above said a variation on 'I always saw people doing X for pageants, and I swore I would never do that, but here we are!'

Yup, Toddlers and Tiaras is a bit rank. But so entertaining!

Also on the subject of TV, Sigga and I have become totally captivated by the British version of Deal or No Deal. It is ridiculous, and I know it's ridiculous, but it's so easy to get hooked! On the UK version, they have the same series of people holding the boxes, and every day one of them gets to go in the 'crazy seat'.
So you end up getting to know all the contestants, and they all giggle with each other and give advice, and it's somehow... compelling. Sigga phoned me up the other day just to tell me that a particular lady was finally up - I was glad she did, as the lady was hilarious.

Okay, I will stop trying to convince you. Just be careful if you ever see it, because it only takes one time to become an addict (this is also a lie).


Northern musings said...

The fish was fantastic!!! So good to have you at the fish place - good clean fresh fish.... so good for you - except when you deep fry it like we did today - however I am sure that the quick cooking and the vegetables (also tempura fried) offset the bad stuff....

Anonymous said...

I still don't get Deal or No Deal. Must watch it when i come back. Loveto HOR ( your acronym guys is snot in Icelandic)

KH said...

They've been showing New Zealand's Next Top Model on one of the digital stations here. Something about the accents and the ever-so-slightly lower production values just makes it magical.

PS, can't find your CDs at home. They must be around somewhere right?

olga said...

Mmm, fishy.

Mum? Yup, I'm sure we'll still be just as hooked then!

K: I have no idea if the CDs are there. I thought so, but I realised the mental image I was basing that belief on is about three years old? So yeah, who knows? Don't fret about it, I'm thinking of becoming a pirate soon!