Thursday, February 17, 2011

I guess you could call it superpowers...

But no one is going to save the world with what I've got...

Okay so I saw a blog prompt somewhere (cannot remember where, but most likely NaBloPoMo) that posed the question: What is your superpower?

My answer: My sense of smell is kind of amazing right now. This is generally not a win inside of a fish factory, although I find the smell much less terrible than I thought I would. I think I've adjusted to a base level of fishness, so then it's just other smells that gross me out.

The other day, somebody was washing up their apron behind me, and I thought, 'ooh, who is going home so early? I wish I was going home early. I wouldn't mind a cheeseburger right now.' Being rather lazy/conscientious, I didn't stop working and turn to look, but then all of a sudden I smelled who it was. Granted, it was stinky BO girl who doesn't wash, so you might have smelled her too (and then wished you didn't. Ew.) But still, I felt pretty impressed with myself, while simultaneously being grossed out.

Other people with notable smells at work are the knife sharpening man who wears a nice cologne, the lady who uses some sort of Dove product that I need to own, and anyone who just went out and had a cigarette. Again, ew.


Also, it is official that I have a giant belly; if I'm standing up and looking down, I can't see my toes anymore. Noooo! Actually, how often do I look at my toes and thoroughly enjoy it? Not that many, really - not that there's anything wrong with them, I rather like my feet, but they're not exceptional. So I guess I'm not too sad about it.
Maybe I will paint my toenails, so anytime I do catch a rare glimpse, it will be an exciting surprise.


Poor Ross is convinced his boss is trying to break him - he's just been doing all the tougher jobs over the last couple of days, finishing up with some overtime tonight right up until his Icelandic class. Yikes. Oh well, at least it's Friday tomorrow! We'll probably have a nice quiet weekend - is there any other kind? 

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Maja said...

We get lots of BO people here. When I'm at the gym i can smell my own BO and i wonder if i can smell it, can everyone else too? Some people's BO is so overpowering they stink out large areas, sometimes the entire gym. Gag.