Thursday, February 3, 2011

I don't necessarily agree with everything I say. Marshall McLuhan (1911 - 1980)

Got my amazing package from Mum today - the nice people at customs believed my sob story, and passed it along for free! Huzzah! As for the package itself, Mum has been talking it down a bit ('Oh, you know, it's just all things that were on sale, it's all a bit daggy, really, etc.') but it contained pretty much the cutest baby things ever!

Photos? No. Bummer. Maybe later?


And what else? Ross is at his Icelandic lesson tonight, this is his second week, and he's doing really well... I'm honestly surprised by how quickly he's picking it up, I always picture it as this really tough language that's impossible to learn. I guess it's mostly the grammar that's the hard part, and that comes later, but in the meantime he's learning new stuff all the time!

I think the key is to not be shy about just trying to speak - it's so easy to just speak English here, since everyone does, but it makes it harder to learn. I think that's where Ross excels, he's really good at trying out new words and making connections on his own - WINNER!


Do you have any of those chores that just feel disproportionately difficult, related to what you're actually doing? I just put off putting a doona cover on my blanket for a whole day*, because holy crap, it's way harder than it should be. Maybe I'm doing it wrong?

*Actually, we had two days without a doona cover, but the first night was because the sheets were still damp. Yes, yes, in theory other sheets exist, but... Eh, I have no excuse. Best wife ever?

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