Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Here comes the sun...

Every blog prompt I can find is dumb. Or more likely I'm just feeling a bit bleh or meh or something. And there's not much exciting going on, so there's no obvious starting point...

In other news, there's a guy in a band on channel one, he seems to be Alwyn's Icelandic double. I think the real Alwyn has better hair though. Also, he doesn't play in a band that describes their music as 'sweet-metal' (unless Boys have taken a drastic change in musical direction). Ew.


What can I tell you? I did have plans to write my post before dinner tonight, although to be honest I knew I probably wouldn't get around to it. I should have, though, as now I feel like I have a brain full of mush... Maybe tomorrow I'll try to do it before work, surely my brain is awesome at 6am, right? (Wrong.)

Ooh, how about too much pregnancy talk? I am feeling pretty good, healthwise - a bit tired, but mostly fine. I still feel pretty light on my feet, so maybe it's just my brain parts that have gotten slower. Maybe not - I was trying to get out of bed the other day, and Ross compared me to a turtle stuck on its back. Not inaccurate, and fairly funny to boot.

I don't know if everything is hilarious because I'm a bit dim these days, but I find myself laughing a lot lately. It's quite nice, and good for you, right? Sigga's channel surfing just brought us to Live At the Apollo, a British stand up show that is sometimes good, but sometimes terrible. The comedian hosting gets to choose two or three support acts, so it all depends on who's in charge for the night.

Tonight's episode featured a dude that I really love and had almost forgotten about: Russell Howard. He is this young-ish, hyperactive British comedian, and if you want to watch some of his clips, go here. Sigga and I were both almost in tears during his set, even though I've seen it at least three times before. Good thing.

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