Friday, February 11, 2011

Friday night...

Full of excitement and adventures, right?

1. Awesomely spicy green chicken curry AND horse rogan josh. And poppadoms, specially ordered by the local shop, just for us!

2. Nice walk (okay, waddle) with the dog, no new injuries to anyone involved - Olga: 1, Ice: 0

3. Return of the Jedi! Husband has now fallen asleep for three of three, but before he slept he said he thought he'd seen this one before - ewoks stick with you. 
Also, why would anyone think CGI is an improvement on little people in suits? Surely they could use advances in technology to just make better and more realistic looking suits, rather than making crappy CG characters that make you want to hurl.

Yup, 'tis an exciting life I lead. Anyway, I must go, Vader's getting a Viking burial, and they're about to start the ewok party. Also, I need to find a Henry-sized ewok costume online!

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northern musings said...

but almost an ewok on neatorama...

good night olga and ross..