Monday, February 28, 2011

Dog Blog!

Dogs 101 today is featuring miniature pinschers, they look like little dobermans, and will always be evil in my mind. We had one when I was little, and it was a bitey, yappy, horrid thing. Funnily enough, I think I quite liked her at the time - I clearly hadn't had an awesome dog before that point.

Anyway, a couple of years ago, I was laughing at a friend who had been told that their dog had been 'taken to a farm' when it got old - I just couldn't believe that anyone actually USED that line! And that anyone believed it! Then I realised that Cathy had been 'given to an old lady who wanted a nice little lap dog'. Awww... Well, at least my parents were creative.

After that, we got Misty! She was a kelpie x red heeler, and the best dog EVER. She was not that nice to strangers, but that was sort of the point, as I think we got her after our house got broken into in Maddington. She was a rescue dog, so she was pretty messed up when we got her, but she grew to be really lovable and protective and part of the family.

She absolutely adored Amma when she lived with us, I guess because she took her out for regular walks! And then the dog was so distraught when she moved back to Iceland, that she ate a lopapeysa Amma had left behind. Aw...

Anyway, we also got Jessie at some point while we still had Misty, we figured she might kind of like a doggy friend. Jess was Anna's dog, another one we got for free from a broken home, and she was also a bit nutty, poor love. We probably could have done more in teaching her not to be crazy, but hey, at least we gave her lots of love and affection and human food.

And then we got Millie, who still lives happily with Mum and Dad - she was being given away because she barked too much, so of course we had to take her. She is a pretty awesome dog, one of those ones who fetches balls and everything! Just like on TV! She quickly dominated all the other pets in the house, but I hear she's gotten close* to Anna's cat Robert Smith.

*Maybe a little too close? She's apparently very licky, but I think he likes it.


And those are all the dogs I remember owning - we also had a one-eyed dog called Snoddas when we lived in Manjimup. The story goes that Dad bought a car for fifty dollars and got the dog for free, but value-wise, it should have been the other way around. I don't really remember him, but he was apparently quite the dude.

 Ross and I would like to get a dog sometime, but I guess we'll need a place to keep it first...


Ooh, this morning I had my first ever dream where I knew that I was dreaming - except I didn't manage to do anything super exciting, I was just quite upset by the whole situation. I seemed to be in Amma's house, but everything was all wrong, and I couldn't wake up. Bummer.


Hey guess what? February is over, and therefore I am free to not post tomorrow, depending on how I feel! It's a nice feeling, although I do rather enjoy the sense of achievement I get from putting lots of things on the internet. 
I have decided that that whole A-Z business will be a weekly-ish thing, or whenever I want to post but my brain is fried*. And here's a scary thought - if I do one a week, I will get about halfway through by the time Henry is born. Holy crap, time flies. 

*This is pretty much always.


Northern musings said...

Damn... I really really enjoy these blogs.. Snoddass was an absolute hero, named after my uncle Egil's dog Snoddass - who was named after a swedish singer... something to google I am sure. Snoddass and Taffi were best mates which was quite surprising giving their size differences. You know that you can always own any part of Freyja that you want - sad eyes, the whining, the circular tail movement...

Northern musings said...

found a link...