Saturday, February 5, 2011

Choc-hazelnut spread, and an anti-bucket list...

Did you know today was World Nutella Day? Why oh why did I miss the perfect excuse to buy some Nutella and eat it with a spoon? Boo! Oh well, I did have peanut butter and jam on toast, it was pretty okay.

Anyway, recently Mum was talking about a kind of reverse bucket list - instead of a list of things to do before you die, it's like a list of things you just don't feel the need to do. So here's one of those:

1. Skydiving - yeah, I get that it's a big adrenaline rush and all, but I think maybe I just don't get it... I quite like being inside planes, and have no desire to throw myself out of them.

2. Go to Drangey - done it before, a few times. Last time we went was the day after the wedding. In theory, it's a pretty cool place to take a bunch of young tourists, but for a group of young tourists with raging hangovers and no sleep and sore legs from dancing all night? Not so much.

Also, it was way harder than I remembered, I'm pretty sure some extra chunks of cliff had fallen down since last time. Ha, ha, sorry about that, friends! So yeah, I think I've done that enough times. If Henry wants to go, his Dad will have to take him - or make some suitable excuses...

3. Run a marathon - as Anna said once, I don't think my body is designed for running. I'm sure I could overcome that with weeks (months?) of training, but y'know, I don't think I want to. Maybe one day I'll change my mind... It would be pretty rewarding to achieve a goal like that, one that seems so far out of your reach - but then I guess that's the point of goals in general, right?

4. Read 'the classics' - or any book I don't enjoy. There was a time when I felt like I had to read literature, even when I hated every second. I don't think I even realised that it was an option to stop reading - I remember feeling nothing but pure relief when I finally finished Independent People! But life is short, there's no point in spending being depressed and bored about something someone else made up.

5. Go swimming with dolphins - okay, I've run out of things I've thought of on my own, so now I've been looking at other people's bucket lists, and this one appears all the freaking time. I mean, I'm not anti-dolphin or anything, they seem like pretty okay dudes for the most part. But as a major life goal? No thanks.

Mum also included göngur, and maybe horse riding in general, but I think I'd like to do that again... Although I'm fairly sure I have a solid excuse for not going this year!


Maja said...

Loving your daily posts. Any excuse not to work!

I read a lot of classics at one point because i knew they should be good books and worth reading. That's why i read brave new world but i hated it so much. However i think it was worth it just for the wicked ending. Made me go "whoa!"

Ive been swimming with dolphins and it was pretty cool but it was a chance occurrence, we stopped the boat and swam with them coz they were there. You have to work hard to keep them interested though. If you don't entertain them somehow they just leave.

Northern musings said...

Going into space!!! is not an option.

sally said...

i read somewhere that dolphins isolate females from the rest of the pod and deprive her of food and sleep until they mate with her! that made me not want to swim with them! i think they are also a little too smart, they scare me like pigs scare me (except pigs eat will people)...