Monday, February 28, 2011

Dog Blog!

Dogs 101 today is featuring miniature pinschers, they look like little dobermans, and will always be evil in my mind. We had one when I was little, and it was a bitey, yappy, horrid thing. Funnily enough, I think I quite liked her at the time - I clearly hadn't had an awesome dog before that point.

Anyway, a couple of years ago, I was laughing at a friend who had been told that their dog had been 'taken to a farm' when it got old - I just couldn't believe that anyone actually USED that line! And that anyone believed it! Then I realised that Cathy had been 'given to an old lady who wanted a nice little lap dog'. Awww... Well, at least my parents were creative.

After that, we got Misty! She was a kelpie x red heeler, and the best dog EVER. She was not that nice to strangers, but that was sort of the point, as I think we got her after our house got broken into in Maddington. She was a rescue dog, so she was pretty messed up when we got her, but she grew to be really lovable and protective and part of the family.

She absolutely adored Amma when she lived with us, I guess because she took her out for regular walks! And then the dog was so distraught when she moved back to Iceland, that she ate a lopapeysa Amma had left behind. Aw...

Anyway, we also got Jessie at some point while we still had Misty, we figured she might kind of like a doggy friend. Jess was Anna's dog, another one we got for free from a broken home, and she was also a bit nutty, poor love. We probably could have done more in teaching her not to be crazy, but hey, at least we gave her lots of love and affection and human food.

And then we got Millie, who still lives happily with Mum and Dad - she was being given away because she barked too much, so of course we had to take her. She is a pretty awesome dog, one of those ones who fetches balls and everything! Just like on TV! She quickly dominated all the other pets in the house, but I hear she's gotten close* to Anna's cat Robert Smith.

*Maybe a little too close? She's apparently very licky, but I think he likes it.


And those are all the dogs I remember owning - we also had a one-eyed dog called Snoddas when we lived in Manjimup. The story goes that Dad bought a car for fifty dollars and got the dog for free, but value-wise, it should have been the other way around. I don't really remember him, but he was apparently quite the dude.

 Ross and I would like to get a dog sometime, but I guess we'll need a place to keep it first...


Ooh, this morning I had my first ever dream where I knew that I was dreaming - except I didn't manage to do anything super exciting, I was just quite upset by the whole situation. I seemed to be in Amma's house, but everything was all wrong, and I couldn't wake up. Bummer.


Hey guess what? February is over, and therefore I am free to not post tomorrow, depending on how I feel! It's a nice feeling, although I do rather enjoy the sense of achievement I get from putting lots of things on the internet. 
I have decided that that whole A-Z business will be a weekly-ish thing, or whenever I want to post but my brain is fried*. And here's a scary thought - if I do one a week, I will get about halfway through by the time Henry is born. Holy crap, time flies. 

*This is pretty much always.

Sunday, February 27, 2011

All the amazing things I love...

Ooh, found an ongoing meme called Wordplay - look forward to seeing it every time my mind goes blank... Which is pretty much all the time these days! Yay!
Basically, you go through the alphabet and write about things that are special to you - it fulfils my love of lists and trying to remind myself to be grateful for stuff...

So without any further ado:  A is for...

Anna, my dear little sister who I love to pieces and miss like I'm missing a limb.
Amma, my grandma who has been looking after us so well for the past five months... And heck, the twenty seven years before that, too!
Andy, my bandmate of ten years - he's such an enthusiastic guy, so hardworking and disciplined and awesome.
Anja, one of my best friends in the entire world. Whenever I see her, it's like no time has passed since last time - she is a lovely human and it always makes me really happy to see her.
Australia - awwww, I miss it! I think we've managed to work our way into a situation where no matter where we live, we'll always feel a bit homesick for somewhere else. On the other hand, two homelands? Pretty sweet.


Hey, we've been watching this show called Dogs 101, it showcases all these different dog breeds. They sometimes have interesting examples of the breed: the current story is about Uffizi, the Italian greyhound belonging to Todd Trainer, the drummer from Shellac.

Ross says I should mention that the examples are usually not semi-famous musicians' pets. They should be, this one is just hilarious. The man is clearly in love with his dog. Proof?

The cover for the latest Shellac album, entitled Excellent Italian Greyhound.

Saturday, February 26, 2011

You look like a lego man, with lego hair, and lego hands...


Don't mind me, just reminiscing:

Aw, Ross was totally at this show, whyyyyyy did I miss it?

No really, what was I doing that was more important than going to see these guys? It must have been work or a Boys show - man, I am bad at memory and timelines...

There was a piece about Lego on the news today (sandwiched between stories about the various political shenanigans going on). I figured that it may have been a story about an anniversary, but apparently Lego's fiftieth birthday was in 2008! So yeah, I'm a bit late, but yay Lego for being so awesome!

K had tonnes of Lego when we were little, I remember these big blue plastic boxes just full of blocks of all shapes and sizes. He had quite a few airplanes, a fire station, space station, and then just a bunch of plain blocks. And of course he was lovely enough to let his little sister play, too - most of the time.

Dad even built a big workbench on one end of the verandah where he could a) keep works in progress so that they could get massive and complicated, and b) spread everything out without the perils that come from working on the floor - ouch, my poor bare feet!

I really loved the sound, too. Like when you're digging around in a big box looking for a two by four blue, and there's that awesome clinking and rattling noise. Nothing like it.

Man, Henry is going to own a giant lego collection, just so I can play with it.  That's the point of kids, right?

Friday, February 25, 2011


Today at morning tea, one of the Filipino ladies that works with us grabbed the TV guide, and showed me an ad for Tengill, the electrical/electronics company in town...

'See this word? This is a really bad word in Filipino.'
'Whoa. What does it mean? Or can you not even say it?'
'It's your parts down there. Your lady parts.'

Totally made my day.

And while I'm being slightly vulgar, I saw this comment on Jezebel, on an article about a new and crazy proposed anti-abortion law in the US.


What else? I've been listening to (and enjoying) Bruce Springsteen and Neil Young lately, which is weird because I've never really been into that kind of thing. But then I was thinking, maybe it's like with food cravings, only musical? Like, when Henry needs more folic acid, I crave spinach, so maybe it's Henry who really likes heartland rock*, and so that's why I want to listen to it? 

Or maybe I'm just late at discovering what is good about music. That happens, too.

*I just found that phrase on the internet, and I love it so much.


Speaking of cravings, I was telling Ross the other day that I hadn't really had any weird food cravings so far... He then reminded me of that one month when I ate peanut butter and banana on toast every single morning (Amma is still buys bananas all the time, and then has to make banana bread on a regular basis). PB and banana month was followed by a couple of weeks of baked beans and cheese. Yeah, in hindsight, that's probably what cravings are...


Okay, going to leave it there, we are going to a dinner-esque thing at my cousin Rúna Birna's house. Her boyfriend just got his masters, and she's having a birthday soon, so it's partying time! Let's assume I'll be home by nine!

Thursday, February 24, 2011

On Austen and food...

Hmm, just preheated the oven to start on dinner, but neglected to turn it up to a real temperature that cooks chicken. Looks like we'll be eating late tonight... I wonder which will win - my desire for food or my desire for an early night?


From NaBloPoMo: Take a random book, open it to a random page and post the passage that begins on the top left. If you like, tell us if the passage sheds any light on your life at present.

Random in this case will mean 'closest to where I am sitting, and ideally I won't even have to get up'... Dang, I will have to get up. Ooh, Sigga has class; the nearest book is Pride and Prejudice.

''But Mr Gardiner, though he assured her again of his earnest endeavours in the cause, could not avoid recommending moderation to her, as well in her hopes as her fears; and, after talking with her in this manner till dinner was on table, they left her to vent all her feelings on the housekeeper, who attended, in the absence of her daughters.''

Man, Jane Austen writes a killer run-on sentence. Can I admit that I sort of lost the gist by the end? But I guess I could still read my life into the rest of it if you want? That's what my half an English degree was about, after all!

Maybe Jane Austen thinks I am worrying too much, but also hoping too much - just thinking too much about everything that's going on. I should accept that good people are working on things on my behalf, and fretting and dwelling on it will not change anything.

Hey, I'm awesome. I should pretend to be a psychic - give people advice from classic novels, under the guise of 'knowing' with my superpowers what their ideal course of action should be...


I would like a bagel, some maraschino cherries and also peanut M&Ms... Not combined into one meal, just separately would be fine. I think those things are all available here in Sauðárkrókur, so it's only a matter of time, really... I finally bought some hash browns that I had been looking at for months, and it didn't lead to a crazy potato binge as I'd feared, so it's probably fine to buy these ridiculous impulse buys every now and again. Still can't find anchovies, though!

We are half-watching an American cooking competition to find the best comfort food in the country... Sigga and I just agreed that mashed potato is a pretty big feature of comfort food, but in the US the mystery ingredient appears to be cheese - cheesy vegetable soup, macaroni and cheese, baked farfalle with - you guessed it - cheese!


Ross is at his Icelandic class tonight, I honestly don't know how he manages to find the energy... I guess it's only for a few more weeks, and there's a lot to be gained from it. Anyway, he's doing really well - he's definitely understanding way more than he did before, and he's not shy about trying out his Icelandic at work, which is an awesome thing. 

Ha, re-reading over this post, I've realised what happens when I start writing before dinner instead of after - you get a totally food-centric post. 

Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Here comes the sun...

Every blog prompt I can find is dumb. Or more likely I'm just feeling a bit bleh or meh or something. And there's not much exciting going on, so there's no obvious starting point...

In other news, there's a guy in a band on channel one, he seems to be Alwyn's Icelandic double. I think the real Alwyn has better hair though. Also, he doesn't play in a band that describes their music as 'sweet-metal' (unless Boys have taken a drastic change in musical direction). Ew.


What can I tell you? I did have plans to write my post before dinner tonight, although to be honest I knew I probably wouldn't get around to it. I should have, though, as now I feel like I have a brain full of mush... Maybe tomorrow I'll try to do it before work, surely my brain is awesome at 6am, right? (Wrong.)

Ooh, how about too much pregnancy talk? I am feeling pretty good, healthwise - a bit tired, but mostly fine. I still feel pretty light on my feet, so maybe it's just my brain parts that have gotten slower. Maybe not - I was trying to get out of bed the other day, and Ross compared me to a turtle stuck on its back. Not inaccurate, and fairly funny to boot.

I don't know if everything is hilarious because I'm a bit dim these days, but I find myself laughing a lot lately. It's quite nice, and good for you, right? Sigga's channel surfing just brought us to Live At the Apollo, a British stand up show that is sometimes good, but sometimes terrible. The comedian hosting gets to choose two or three support acts, so it all depends on who's in charge for the night.

Tonight's episode featured a dude that I really love and had almost forgotten about: Russell Howard. He is this young-ish, hyperactive British comedian, and if you want to watch some of his clips, go here. Sigga and I were both almost in tears during his set, even though I've seen it at least three times before. Good thing.

Tuesday, February 22, 2011

I've got some real estate here in my bag...

Nah, I don't really. But Simon and Garfunkel are fairly amazing.


I decided that I have found my favourite comic blog in the entire world, ever...

Behold: Hyperbole and a Half! It is great. I just got really excited because the new post showed up in my reader. So. Good. I have nearly peed myself laughing while reading it, especially the posts about her dogs.


What else? Work was uneventful as usual, I listened to some Nina Simone (and apparently it would have been her birthday yesterday! Aw...), Drones, Joanna Newsom, Fugazi and Portishead. I also caught the girl next to me singing along to Beyonce, but I didn't say anything - I don't want anyone to point it out to me if I get caught. Also, I should probably get some Beyonce on my iPod.


So... I guess I could disclose all these housing dramas that have been happening (or rather, the upsetting lack of anything happening on that front!) Basically, we want to buy a house off a relative, and we made him our first offer at Christmas, and he finally accepted our (increased) offer towards the end of January. 

However, he has a bunch of debt that's tied to the house, so even though he's happy with the offer, the bank has to agree to it. So at first they refused it, which we saw as a mixed blessing - in theory, if the bank seized the house and it went to auction, we could have ended up paying much less for it. Or we could have lost it entirely - ergh.

Anyway, a couple of days after the bank rejected the offer, we got a message from the real estate guy (who is home owner's brother, yay small towns), saying that actually, the bank wanted to take the offer - I guess they realised they probably wouldn't get any more than that at auction. This email was of course received on Friday afternoon, giving us the weekend to be excited and nervous and unable to do anything about anything! 

And then when Monday rolled around, it turned out that the bank in Reykjavík also needs to approve the offer. The bank manager here is encouraging them to accept, but in the meantime we're playing the waiting game, again. 

It's just a bit annoying that they keep getting our hopes up - in a way, it was almost a relief when the bank said no, as at least we could commit to looking for something else. On the other hand, we have been looking, and real estate is a little bit hard to come by at the moment. I guess because there is still a fair amount of work here, there's still quite a demand for property, both to rent and to buy. 

But anyway, at the end of the day, there's not much we can do except wait and see. I think we do need to put a time limit on how long we wait and see, but they just keep getting our hopes up a liiiitle bit more. And on the bright side, the longer we wait to buy a house, the more money we can save, and so the more of the house we can pay off!


Okay, enough of that, it's tiresome to dwell on! I must take my Ross home, he's stayed at Sigga's while I'm blog writing, and now he has fallen asleep on the couch. Aww...

Monday, February 21, 2011

Iceland and New Zealand = besties!

There's a show tonight on ÍNN, some weird little independent channel - it's called Lífið ('Life'), and it's made by a guy who lives here in Skagafjörður. It's part of a little series he did about the future of sheep farming, and there's a big connection to New Zealand, which I kind of love!

Last week was the episode where he travelled to New Zealand and talked to their sheep farmers about the industry, its growth and whatnot. It was really interesting, basically the NZ dudes said that Iceland should increase their production, as our slaughter season coincides with their downtime, so it's a good time to sell to Europe. I like the way they're all encouraging and helpful about it.

Tonight's episode is about the NZ dudes (and ladies!) who come to Iceland to work in the slaughterhouse in the autumn. Some of them have been coming for years, although was a marked drop off since the value of the krona halved during that unfortunate economic crisis thing.

Anyway, I love that there seems to be a real relationship between the two countries - we're both pretty small, pretty green, a little bit volcanic, and we do love our sheep (awww, shut up).

Not sure if the link will work overseas, but just in case it does, you can watch the shows here. The site is in Icelandic, but the shows are dated at the bottom, and you just press the little red button marked 'Horfa'...

Now that I think of it, the shows are also in Icelandic. Sorry, that link is not much good to you, non-Icelanders. But if the director guy ever gets around to making English subtitles* and posting it on Vimeo, I'll let you know!

* This might take a while, I think he has already had a little bit of trouble interpreting the NZ accent - Sigga said he had to listen to tonight's slaughterhouse guy several times before he figured out the phrase 'You've got to remember, they're not your pets.' I can't blame the guy, I know I genuinely missed words with Daisy and Victoria sometimes. It was always funny once we figured it out!
(p.s. I hope those particular NZers love Iceland when they come to visit, too!)


Blank bit. What to fill it with? Just looked for a blog meme, found a place where a guy wrote a list of '5 reasons I blog.' The first one was MONEY, and before I could read any further, I got assaulted by three pop up ads. Ew.

Anyway, why do I blog?

1. To stay in touch with you dudes back home! I'm so bad at being in touch, and this is like a big group email to anyone and everyone who wants to know what I'm up to...

2. Mo' Money! Just kidding! Um... Posterity? This has lasted longer than any diary I've ever kept, and it is really interesting going back and reading through old entries.

3. Photo storage, and storing links and things I like and want to be able to find again: yep, you're reading my scrapbook of stuff I like. Totally worth your time, right?

4. Venting! Mostly about work, wherever that may be. I feel like Ross probably gets a bit tired of hearing me whinge, especially as he works twice as hard as I do!

5. Whoa, more reasons? I guess I like to have a reason/place to write, I don't really tend to get around to it otherwise, but I do rather enjoy expressing myself. I should really get in the habit of writing elsewhere, too... But let's keep at this blog thing in the meantime, right?


This is a thing that I like: Business cat! I got it from Buzzfeed, but I'm pretty sure it's everywhere.

Sunday, February 20, 2011

''In those days spirits were brave, the stakes were high, men were real men, women were real women and small furry creatures from Alpha Centauri were real small furry creatures from Alpha Centauri.'' Douglas Adams (1952 - 2001)

Ooh, today is Women's Day in Iceland! Men's Day (or husbands' day?) is celebrated at the beginning of the month of Þorri on the old Icelandic calendar, and Ladies' Day is at the beginning of Góa, which is now... Apparently there's supposed to be an exchange of cut flowers and trinkets on both days, but I'm not really a fan of spending money on flowers. For husbands' day, I figured I could just pick some flowers, then I remembered I live in Iceland, and it's still winter.

It's starting to feel like spring, though! Today when I woke up around 8.30, it was actually semi light outside. It is an amazing feeling to not wake up in pitch blackness. Also, Ross managed to sleep in, too, which is a minor miracle.

We had a pretty lazy morning, but then the whole spring vibe kicked in and we did some mega cleaning of the upstairs at Amma's - every once in a while I just get so frustrated with the space up there, and luckily Ross is willing to jump in and do most of the work.
Sigga's been painting and clearing out desks and drawers and paperwork, and the dudes at Ólafshús appear to be getting ready to do some building - it seems like everyone's been cleaning and fixing and organising today!


Sigga and I have been watching this show about the human body, it is pretty amazing. There's some slightly creepy CG that they use sometimes, but it's quite interesting if you can ignore those parts. They just had a section on childbirth - I have been trying to avoid thinking about that aspect of getting a baby, but I guess I will have to face up to it at some stage.

Possible TMI, but I've decided I want all the drugs they can possibly give me. Every single one they have available, at every stage. I read that there are some hospitals in the US where they're using laughing gas again - THAT IS WHERE I NEED TO BE. Actually, I think I also read that the US has one of the highest death-in-childbirth rates for a developed country, so maybe not. Plus there's hospital fees... Nah, Iceland will be good, especially since it'll be summer, so the road to Akureyri is less likely to be blocked by snow.

I was wondering why I always seem to read about women saying that they want a natural childbirth, no drugs if possible, no c-section, etc. Then I realised the reason I hear about it is because a drugged up birth is probably the default option - no one needs to strongly insist, it's just what will happen if nothing is said.


Enough of that! I was looking for blog prompts, and I found one that suggests you try to think of as many words as you can for, say, the colour orange, or the taste of sweet. Not going to do it here, sorry, but I think it might be a fun list for work. There's only so many times you can do A to Z lists of musicians, bands and characters from the Whedon-verse (p.s. that last one was the easiest for me!)

Saturday, February 19, 2011

Till human voices wake us, and we drown...

What can I tell you, people of the world? Not much, as usual.

The title quote comes from a poem I like by T.S. Eliot - NaBloPoMo told me to use it as my title. I guess maybe I'm supposed to write about it, and why I like it...
It was the first thing I studied in English Lit that I really enjoyed... My teacher in year 11 was really awesome, I think I've talked about him before, but I cannot for the life of me find the post!
He used to read things out loud in this really rich, deep James-Earl-Jones-esque voice, and just made the words sound so interesting and beautiful. What a good quality in an English teacher - making you passionate about things.


So today I had a nice lazy Saturday, while Ross went up to Tunga to help ultrasound some sheep! Apparently they check to see how many lambs to expect, because it helps to know ahead of time if there are going to be twins, triplets or just one really big lamb. I was half tempted to go up and ask to have another look at Henry, surely it's the same machine they use on people, right?

Anyway, while Ross was up there working like a trooper, I felt extremely proud of myself for walking to the pool for a swim. Totally proud, that is, until I got passed by a gang of joggers on my way there. And when I finally arrived, they were all out the front of the pool doing push-ups and stretches. Nice.

Ah well, never mind. The weather was so beautiful today, but it was still pretty cold while I was swimming - I definitely saw minus two on the sign on my way in. At least the sun was out, the sky was blue, and I think I almost got a tan on my face while sitting in the hot tub. Well, I can pretend, anyway.


Ooh, I do get to be a part of the farm help - Sigga is continuing her struggle to get Andrés' books in order, and I am really getting into this data entry thing. It's a good system, while I'm procrastinating on my blog, I do a page of sheep, then when I can't be bothered doing that, I do some blogging! It's a great system until I avoid doing both by looking at imdb to try to find out which terrible racist Elvis movie we're watching (for the record, it's Harum Scarum).
Ah, multitasking. Will I ever do it right?

Friday, February 18, 2011

TV, tears and a dancing goat!

So at the risk of being that person who talks about TV all the time: Design Star. Reality show where a bunch of dudes (who are apparently working interior designers, yeesh) compete to win their own design show! I don't think I have amazing taste in design or anything, but I think I can tell hideous when I see it. And gosh, you'd think you'd see it less on a show about people who make things pretty for a living.

Sigga informs me that the first series was quite good, but as always these things end up terrible - let's keep the token bitch with questionable taste because she makes for interesting conflicts!

Anyway, tonight's dude that got kicked off was already crying and apologising for not doing better during the judging. Then when he was informed he was going home, he said that he just didn't want to disappoint his mother. Then he followed it up with 'I wish my mom was here with me' repeated through his sobs, and for some reason* that was hilarious to me.

* He did utter the phrase 'I think her room could be fer-oche or a-troche, you just don't know.' So maybe that's why I'm okay with seeing him cry.


On a related note, Amma was watching the opening ceremony for the 2000 Olympics the other day, and I had to leave the room - I started to tear up as Human Nature sang the national anthem...

Here's a dancing goat!

Thursday, February 17, 2011

I guess you could call it superpowers...

But no one is going to save the world with what I've got...

Okay so I saw a blog prompt somewhere (cannot remember where, but most likely NaBloPoMo) that posed the question: What is your superpower?

My answer: My sense of smell is kind of amazing right now. This is generally not a win inside of a fish factory, although I find the smell much less terrible than I thought I would. I think I've adjusted to a base level of fishness, so then it's just other smells that gross me out.

The other day, somebody was washing up their apron behind me, and I thought, 'ooh, who is going home so early? I wish I was going home early. I wouldn't mind a cheeseburger right now.' Being rather lazy/conscientious, I didn't stop working and turn to look, but then all of a sudden I smelled who it was. Granted, it was stinky BO girl who doesn't wash, so you might have smelled her too (and then wished you didn't. Ew.) But still, I felt pretty impressed with myself, while simultaneously being grossed out.

Other people with notable smells at work are the knife sharpening man who wears a nice cologne, the lady who uses some sort of Dove product that I need to own, and anyone who just went out and had a cigarette. Again, ew.


Also, it is official that I have a giant belly; if I'm standing up and looking down, I can't see my toes anymore. Noooo! Actually, how often do I look at my toes and thoroughly enjoy it? Not that many, really - not that there's anything wrong with them, I rather like my feet, but they're not exceptional. So I guess I'm not too sad about it.
Maybe I will paint my toenails, so anytime I do catch a rare glimpse, it will be an exciting surprise.


Poor Ross is convinced his boss is trying to break him - he's just been doing all the tougher jobs over the last couple of days, finishing up with some overtime tonight right up until his Icelandic class. Yikes. Oh well, at least it's Friday tomorrow! We'll probably have a nice quiet weekend - is there any other kind? 

Wednesday, February 16, 2011

I was carried to Ohio in a swarm of bees...

Nah, that is a giant lie, it's just a good line from a song by The National. I totally missed almost every new album that came out last year, but then Ross' mum got a huge package of things from Amazon for Christmas and my birthday - totally awesome.


Ha, I saw some hilarious graffiti the other day. It was on the back side of a little electrical box thing, so not a very high risk target. And the text: Korn, with not only the backwards 'R', but also a backwards 'K'... And probably the 'O', too, but you can't really tell, I guess. The only letter definitively the right way around was the 'N', and even that looked like they'd hesitated on the middle slanty line. Awesome.


What else? Got some cheap fish from work today, and I had the option to clean it myself, thus satisfying me that it is totally wormless. So Sigga's making fish and chips for dinner, yay! Complete with homemade tartare sauce - did you know it's just mayo, finely chopped pickles and capers? How can something so delicious be so easy? It's a good thing it is, because you can't get it in shops here. Oh Iceland, for a country who loves fish, you are way behind on condiments...


Holy crap, did you know that you can get fake teeth for toddlers in beauty pageants? Also, I just saw a lady baby talking to her daughter - 'Yeah, it's a hairpiece from real hair, if it was synthetic, we wouldn't be able to put it in hot rollers. That would melt it aaaaaalllll up!'

And another mother saying that she wasn't really a 'pageant mom' because she had experience working in early childcare. And then another one talking about how she puts her boys in pageants because they're the daughters she never had. Yeah, that won't mess them up at all.

And at least two of the above said a variation on 'I always saw people doing X for pageants, and I swore I would never do that, but here we are!'

Yup, Toddlers and Tiaras is a bit rank. But so entertaining!

Also on the subject of TV, Sigga and I have become totally captivated by the British version of Deal or No Deal. It is ridiculous, and I know it's ridiculous, but it's so easy to get hooked! On the UK version, they have the same series of people holding the boxes, and every day one of them gets to go in the 'crazy seat'.
So you end up getting to know all the contestants, and they all giggle with each other and give advice, and it's somehow... compelling. Sigga phoned me up the other day just to tell me that a particular lady was finally up - I was glad she did, as the lady was hilarious.

Okay, I will stop trying to convince you. Just be careful if you ever see it, because it only takes one time to become an addict (this is also a lie).

Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Now and then...

This is a kinda neat photography series - reenactments of old photos. I think I've seen the concept before, but not as well done as these ones! (oh yeah, there's at least one boob in there, so if that bothers you, look away now!)


What else? Ooh, missing from my list of nostalgia music yesterday was YOU AM I! That band makes me think of driving around in the summertime with no air con. Joe used to keep a spray bottle of water in his car, and then open the windows - voila, instant evaporative air conditioning! It was fine as long as you didn't accidentally spray your face with water that had been lying in the sun all day...


Meme, in all caps because I can't even be bothered retyping it, stolen from here (where it was part of a series called Stealing Sundays).

A little diagonal one right between my eyebrows, fell down the stairs when I was little...

A mirror, a crucifix (not my room...) a picture of a boat.

Apparently I click. Ross thinks it's my tongue on the roof of my mouth, but something similar happens when I'm awake, and that seems to happen in my throat.

Today I listened to The Streets.

Not sure, morning-ish, I think?

A home of my own.

My friends and the rest of my family. And the sun.

My wedding ring, bass guitar (we've been through a lot together), moon shoes.



Not unless I've freaked myself out thoroughly somehow. I've stopped watching scary movies for precisely this reason, although I was thinking maybe I should watch X-files again. K used to make me watch it with the lights out.

Myself. Or maybe Henry, seeing as he's partly responsible for the crazy hormones?


The guy I married is very dark, so probably that.

I was proposed to in a hot spring at Reykir.

Ooh, I love both of those.


I just had dinner, but earlier today I was craving a cheeseburger.

Of ALL TIME? Who are you, meme writing guy? I guess blue.

No. Ew.

Okay, I'm tired of that now. And I remembered a funny thing from today - when I was brushing my teeth just before work, I heard what sounded like a dog whining. Which is weird, because Amma doesn't have a dog. I thought I may be imagining it, but then Ross heard it too. It was coming from Amma's room, and her door was ajar, so I pushed it in a little bit more*... And out bounded Freyja! 

This should not have been too confusing, and as it turned out, Amma had just brought Freyja home to stay the night. But for some reason, at 6.30 in the morning, the idea of Freyja being in the house was so weird and puzzling. I would not have been more puzzled if it had been a random dog. Bizarre.

*While Freyja has learned to open unlocked front doors by jumping on the handles and somehow pulling them towards her, she can't seem to figure out that she can push doors that are already open. So if she doesn't fit through the gap where the door is ajar, she will sit on the other side and whine until you rescue her. She is awesome.

Monday, February 14, 2011

Word of the day: Inveigle

Finally updated my iPod over the weekend, so I got to listen to some of the cds that Ross' mum brought over from Australia. Needless to say, it was a very nostalgia filled day for me. I listened to Belle and Sebastian (hi Anja!), The Streets, Monks and a bunch of other good stuff that has now slipped my mind.


Oooh, it's Valentine's day! Meh, I'm pretty disinterested in it as a holiday, although I saw that someone referred to as 'ChocalaGeddon' - cheap heart shaped lollies from tomorrow, kids! I don't think it's really a big deal in Iceland, but it's becoming more so as time goes on. I don't know, I would much prefer a 'just because' present that is awesome than a 'just because someone else decided today is romance day' present that is lame.

It's like when my siblings and I bought each other birthday gifts as teens - a lot of the time, you wouldn't get a present on your birthday, but when you did get a present, it would be because somebody saw something awesome that you had to have, and bought it for you.

Aw, having said all that, I did get a little present from Ross - when I went to take the dog for a walk, he added to my post: i smell big time.
What a sweet guy.


Prompt for today, from NaBloPoMo:
What is more important, having lots of good friendships or just one person to love?

Hmm, I want both! But if I had to choose, I guess I sort of have by moving to Iceland with the man I love - no friends in shouting distance, that's for sure... On the other hand, with the world becoming so much smaller, it's still possible to be in touch with people everywhere.

I've never really had LOTS of friends, I much prefer to have a few close friends that I'd trust with my life (and you know who you are) than a whole bunch of dudes I barely know. I probably have a tendency to neglect the amazing friends that I do have, which is something I should really make more of an effort with... I hope my friends know I do love them heaps, regardless of how I am sometimes!

Ah, I wish I had the energy to assemble that ramble just a little bit more coherently, but there it is. 

Sunday, February 13, 2011

Icelandicizing, catpeople and a feast for Thor

I keep coming across Icelandicized English words, especially on facebook, that stump me at first, until I sound them out. Then I giggle at them.
Fellow Aussie-Icelanders, or anyone who can be bothered sounding out the following, behold my list!

bröns - brunch
næs - nice
gordjös - gorgeous!

I felt like I had come across tonnes, but I cannot find them again... And yeah, I guess maybe you have to have my currently limited mental capacity to find it funny.


Yuck, I just saw a leaked test scene from the now-shelved Thundercats movie. Why do people insist on trying to destroy the things I used to love? Thundercats is one of those things I haven't seen since I was a kid, so it probably wasn't anything spectacular to begin with, but dammit, cat people have always held a special place in my heart.

When I was little, I remember spending ages drawing people with cat heads on graph paper - they were really geometric and almost robot-y, because I was really into symmetry, too. Good times.

Oh my gosh, in my search for a good picture to put here, I found this guy - the Baron!
From Whisper of the Heart and The Cat Returns - both rad Miyazaki movies...
(picture from here)


Last night we went to a big family Þorrablót - it's the feast to honor Thor, full of stinky rotten food, but luckily also some delicious smoked meat and nice bread. It was organised by two of my mum's cousins, from opposite sides of the family, and will likely become a yearly tradition.

'Tis always good to have lovely family times, although I didn't manage to introduce Ross to too many distant cousins because I couldn't remember anyone's name! Sigga has some photos here - my camera cord is still lost somewhere in space and time. Probably just space though. Even my vague brain hasn't found a way to manipulate time.

Saturday, February 12, 2011

Destiny is a name often given in retrospect to choices that had dramatic consequences - J. K. Rowling

Everything happens for a reason, right?
(Prompt from here)

I don't know. Don't think so. I think that with hindsight, people can find the best in a situation, and conclude that even if it seemed bad at the time, there was a silver lining all along. And I'm not against optimism by any stretch of the imagination - I'd much rather look on the bright side. Dwelling on bad things just makes me feel worse most of the time.

But somehow taking that 'seeing the bright side' and turning it into 'it was all predestined and happened for a reason' seems like a bit of a cop out. And then you have to believe in destiny and whatnot, and that's just too much of a commitment. 

Anyway, I'm guess in some ways I am a little bit superstitious - I feel like if I get too excited or certain about something, I'll jinx it, so I tend to keep things quiet for as long as humanly possible. Expect to hear news of Henry's arrival when he's two. 

P.S. One of the music channels at Sigga's is showing a list of the 99 biggest rock icons. Number 50 was Alanis Morrissette, followed by Limp Bizkit at number 49. No.

P.P.S. Ooh, Linkin Park just outranked them at number 42. Take that, Limp Bizkit!

P.P.P.S. Hey, it's like a way of keeping track of how long it takes me to write a post. Hint: Ages.

Friday, February 11, 2011

Friday night...

Full of excitement and adventures, right?

1. Awesomely spicy green chicken curry AND horse rogan josh. And poppadoms, specially ordered by the local shop, just for us!

2. Nice walk (okay, waddle) with the dog, no new injuries to anyone involved - Olga: 1, Ice: 0

3. Return of the Jedi! Husband has now fallen asleep for three of three, but before he slept he said he thought he'd seen this one before - ewoks stick with you. 
Also, why would anyone think CGI is an improvement on little people in suits? Surely they could use advances in technology to just make better and more realistic looking suits, rather than making crappy CG characters that make you want to hurl.

Yup, 'tis an exciting life I lead. Anyway, I must go, Vader's getting a Viking burial, and they're about to start the ewok party. Also, I need to find a Henry-sized ewok costume online!

Thursday, February 10, 2011

Nothing much...

So... Man, I don't have any news at all! I have been incredibly bad at getting stuff done lately, time just seems to get away from me after work.

Ooh, that's something - this year it has been ten years since I finished high school. I know this because I got added to a facebook group for our ten year anniversary. To be honest (and I'm sorry if anyone who loved that school is reading this) the site for the group is pretty appallingly rank. I didn't really have that awesome a time in year 11 and 12, and the good times I did have were with a really small group of friends. So the vast majority of people posting on this site horrify me.
Looks like I won't be attending that particular event! On the other hand, I rather like the way facebook lets you be in almost-contact with the people you did like from high school. I'm a champion stalker.


What else? I've been spending my days at work singing along to whatever I'm listening to. That is one thing I miss about being in a band, and also about having a car and a longish commute - singing out loud. I've recently decided that work is a fine place to sing out loud, as there's heaps of machinery going, and everyone has their own headphones, anyway.


Uch, I've got nothing. Prompt time! Thanks again, NaBloPoMo!

There's a giant storm and your electricicy's going to be out for a week. What are you going to do with your time?

Knit. Read. Sleep. Write.

The end.

Wednesday, February 9, 2011


So last night Ross and I were talking about how it would be if you had fingernails for hair - as you do* - and it reminded me of one of those things from my childhood that I had completely forgotten about... PAUL JENNINGS! Anyone else remember him? Aw, of course you do - those collections of weird short stories that later got made into Round the Twist!

*I sometimes think Ross' life is turning into a series of conversations a la Extras: 'Would you rather be you, with your face and legs, and the brain of a chimpanzee... or would you rather be a chimpanzee, but with your brain?'

We were trying to remember all the stories we could - the one with the magic underpants, the one where the kid somehow absorbs a guy's tattoos, the one where the kid goes invisible after he gets bitten by an insect... Ooh, and that classic narrative device -  'the magical remote control that works on real life'. Gold.
And of course the one that got me on the subject in the first place: where the kid goes to an island and starts growing extra fingernails all over his body, except they're actually scales, and eventually he turns into a mermaid.

So yeah, they were totally children's classics: he managed that perfect blend of gross, funny and interesting. Good times.


I just read an interesting thing on Lifehacker (via somewhere else, of course) about how you can make people feel happier by just acknowledging that they're unhappy. Seems so simple and obvious, and yet so clever - I know if I'm in a cranky mood to begin with, hearing 'oh, it's not that bad' just makes me crankier. Even though I realise people are just trying to be encouraging ('it'll be fine!'),  it just makes me feel like my feelings are kind of being dismissed ('it'll be fine, you idiot!'), which is a total pet peeve.

Plus I have a bit of a tendency to be a cranky hormonal crazy person these days.


 This is from a fantastic comic by Ryan Pequin. What a good thing.

Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Start spreading the news...

We kinda left about six months ago...

Word has finally got out that Snowman is calling it a day - although I'm guessing if you're reading this, you may have already suspected as much. I can't even remember if I ever said it outright, but there you go.

Feels a bit sad that it's all offical (although we still need to give an official press release or whatever), I hadn't really thought about it for ages... Anyway, we had some amazingly awesome times, and some tough ones, but I wouldn't trade any of it for anything.

The new album has had a preliminary mastering done, still need to listen it and see if there's any changes that need to be made.. But, can I make a confession? I'm still not entirely sure what mastering achieves. I know mixing is about balancing the individual volume levels and instrument sounds, and then mastering seems to be more of a mood thing, maybe? Sort of polishing and fixing and... I clearly am just demonstrating my ignorance. So the more I think about it, the more I realise that producing and mastering are actually really in-depth and valuable skills - which I clearly don't have!

Anyway, the album should be out later this year, we're all pretty happy with it. Another confession - I've been listening to it on my iPod on and off at work. This is almost unthinkable, as you tend to get a bit tired of the songs once you're done recording, but I guess there's been enough of  a break, and it's a damn good record in my opinion.


Argh, enough of the serious! I feel very vague and unfocussed, this is probably not the time to make grand sweeping statements about the history and future of my band.

What else can I tell you? I stacked it at work today, it was actually quite funny. I decided I needed to lower my chair, so I stepped off my little platform, but stood on a stray fin that someone had left on the ground - legs slid in opposite directions, and I fell right on my butt into a puddle, and almost rolled back under this water trough. I was totally fine, but everyone saw and came over all worried - one girl thought I had fainted and dropped straight off the platform onto the ground, which has apparently happened before! 

But no, all I got was a soggy bum and a couple of laughs - which is a much better deal, if you think about it.


Ross did some overtime today, so he's a bit knackered, poor love. I should probably take him home before he falls asleep on the couch - it sucks to have your sleep disrupted like that. Post, post, post-ahoy!

Monday, February 7, 2011

Music and ice cream!

Found writing prompts on NaBloPoMo, and short answers begin... NOW!

What are the five best bands you've seen live?
1. The Drones - not just live, they're also possibly my favourite band ever in general. But live, they're just really in tune with each other, they all complement each other so well, and they're brilliant. What more could you want in a band?
We got to play quite a few shows with them in Australia and England, and as well as being interesting to watch every time, they're also really nice humans.

2. Flaming Lips - Spectacle spectacle spectacle. I love that they just go all out - giant hamster ball, backpack sized strobe light, dancing people in furry animal suits! All. Good. Things.

3. Dan Deacon - I think I wrote about him before, we went to see him in London without having heard any of his music before. We only had the word of mouth recommendation, which I will now pass onto you: If you get a chance to go see him, DO IT. Again with the spectacle, but also just a really awesome community feeling - he somehow made a bunch of too cool for school Londoners play and dance together like little kids. 

4. Baseball - Another band we toured with, this time only on the east coast, but it was great. They have massive stage presence, but each member plays in a way that they don't trample over anyone else's performance. Plus their lead singer wears shorts and plays a violin, and their drummer is amazing!

5. Joanna Newsom - Squeeeeee... I stayed an extra couple of days after a Melbourne tour to see her play, and it was totally worth it. She plays so well, it's just amazing that any human can be that talented. Plus she's adorable and sweet - 'Oh my gosh, did you guys see Andrew Bird (her support act)? That guy can whistle better than I can do anything!' But imagine that quote in the cutest  voice you've ever heard. 

And while I'm at it, another five that I'd like to (have) see(n):

1. Dismemberment Plan - And they're doing a reunion tour! Oh well, I'll settle for youtube clips.
2. LCD Soundsystem - Last show coming up in April! I've heard nothing but awesome things about their live show, and I love so many of their songs...
3. Modest Mouse - I've actually seen them twice, but it's always been in slightly weird circumstances at festivals, and I wanted them to be better. I think I need to see a solo show of theirs.
4. Super Wild Horses - Joe's sister's band, apparently they are really fun live, and I'd love to see them sometime!
5. The National - Just because I'm loving their music at the moment.


Took some photos yesterday for the new album, but geez I have no idea what I'm doing in terms of a) photography and b) makeup. Plus my baby brain has forgotten where I put my camera charger, so it was a bit of a race against time until the battery died. I'm trusting in Joe's photoshop skillz to make it all look awesome!


In other news, I would like an ice cream sundae from Gelare, with choc chip cookie dough ice cream, whipped cream, fudge sauce, nuts and a cherry on top. I find Icelandic ice cream to be kind of weird... Maybe weird is too strong a word, it's just different, I guess - kind of less dense? More creamy? Less creamy? I don't even know anymore. Oh well, I had homemade sushi for lunch, so that's a plus. I think I just need to get creative with making homemade versions of the fast food that I'm craving... Probably the healthier option, anyway.

Sunday, February 6, 2011


Ross woke me up this morning to tell me that there were some pretty crazy bushfires in Roleystone, and that I should probably phone my folks. Turns out their house is on the safer side of town - well, I figure if they're evacuating people to the town hall just down the road, it's probably one of the better places to be.

However, those very same strong winds that are making the fires so dangerous, have also managed to blow down a tree onto Mum and Dad's house! Apparently it just hit the roof over the entry to the house, so there's a bit of damage, but it didn't sound catastrophic. The downside is that the tree pulled down a power line, so the SEC cut off the electricity and was supposed to come down later today to switch it back on, but they now have other things to deal with, like that massive fire going on!

Still, very relieved to hear that they are safe, and I hope everyone else in Roleystone stays safe, too!


Just saw some images on the news of the fires - it's just horrible. I had some extra flippancy written, but it just doesn't seem appropriate. So my thoughts are with everyone that's been affected, and I hope the worst is over!

Saturday, February 5, 2011

Choc-hazelnut spread, and an anti-bucket list...

Did you know today was World Nutella Day? Why oh why did I miss the perfect excuse to buy some Nutella and eat it with a spoon? Boo! Oh well, I did have peanut butter and jam on toast, it was pretty okay.

Anyway, recently Mum was talking about a kind of reverse bucket list - instead of a list of things to do before you die, it's like a list of things you just don't feel the need to do. So here's one of those:

1. Skydiving - yeah, I get that it's a big adrenaline rush and all, but I think maybe I just don't get it... I quite like being inside planes, and have no desire to throw myself out of them.

2. Go to Drangey - done it before, a few times. Last time we went was the day after the wedding. In theory, it's a pretty cool place to take a bunch of young tourists, but for a group of young tourists with raging hangovers and no sleep and sore legs from dancing all night? Not so much.

Also, it was way harder than I remembered, I'm pretty sure some extra chunks of cliff had fallen down since last time. Ha, ha, sorry about that, friends! So yeah, I think I've done that enough times. If Henry wants to go, his Dad will have to take him - or make some suitable excuses...

3. Run a marathon - as Anna said once, I don't think my body is designed for running. I'm sure I could overcome that with weeks (months?) of training, but y'know, I don't think I want to. Maybe one day I'll change my mind... It would be pretty rewarding to achieve a goal like that, one that seems so far out of your reach - but then I guess that's the point of goals in general, right?

4. Read 'the classics' - or any book I don't enjoy. There was a time when I felt like I had to read literature, even when I hated every second. I don't think I even realised that it was an option to stop reading - I remember feeling nothing but pure relief when I finally finished Independent People! But life is short, there's no point in spending being depressed and bored about something someone else made up.

5. Go swimming with dolphins - okay, I've run out of things I've thought of on my own, so now I've been looking at other people's bucket lists, and this one appears all the freaking time. I mean, I'm not anti-dolphin or anything, they seem like pretty okay dudes for the most part. But as a major life goal? No thanks.

Mum also included göngur, and maybe horse riding in general, but I think I'd like to do that again... Although I'm fairly sure I have a solid excuse for not going this year!

Friday, February 4, 2011

Sunshine and rainbows!

Today at work I had one of those 'aw, I miss Australia' moments... We ran out of fish at about two o'clock, which left an hour of sewing fish heads before the weekend. So we headed into the back room where there's a roller door facing due south -  the forklifts bring fish in and out through there...

Anyway, the weather today was lovely, really clear and bright, especially with all the snow on the ground reflecting the light upwards. So when the roller door opened, there was this incredible beam of sunlight coming straight into the factory - like, choirs of angels, instant warmth and happiness sunlight. Amazing.

But gosh, there was sun all the time in Australia, I just never appreciated it properly. Perth is a pretty stunningly lovely place in many ways, and I wish I could go back and visit for a little while... I almost can't remember what it's like to walk around in that roasty heat, where everything just feels so dry and good and hot. Oh, it would be lovely to be warm, but it's fairly beautiful here, too!


There was a story on the news today about Icelandic chickens - the direct translation seems to involve the word for 'colonial' or 'settlement', so I shall call them Icelandic pioneer chickens. Anyway, they seem like pretty interesting guys, they're really big and colourful, and apparently they make great gifts - weddings, birthdays, anything! Good to know, Icelandic news!

Picture from here, copyright someone else!


Whoa, do you know what I forgot to tell you about? At some point over the past month or two (yeah yeah, my sense of timing is a wee bit fuzzy) I made Fibonacci legwarmers! They are pretty much fantastic and I'm rather pleased with them. It just seems like a more interesting way to make stripey things, and it made me feel like a happy nerd, so that was good. 


This post has taken about a hundred years to write, because Sigga and I are watching The Empire Strikes Back - we saw the (original) first movie on one of the Norwegian channels last Friday, so of course number two is on now! Ross has never seen them, but unfortunately he has fallen asleep partway through both of them. Next week he'll probably make it three for three, so we'll just have to borrow them from someone and have a daytime movie marathon sometime...

I was a bit worried that he would find them really seventies and cheesy, which I guess they are, but I grew up with these movies, so I love them to bits anyway. I must say, I hadn't seen them in ages, but I am pretty satisfied with how much they're living up to my memories of awesomeness. Good old nostalgia, it makes everything quality.

Thursday, February 3, 2011

I don't necessarily agree with everything I say. Marshall McLuhan (1911 - 1980)

Got my amazing package from Mum today - the nice people at customs believed my sob story, and passed it along for free! Huzzah! As for the package itself, Mum has been talking it down a bit ('Oh, you know, it's just all things that were on sale, it's all a bit daggy, really, etc.') but it contained pretty much the cutest baby things ever!

Photos? No. Bummer. Maybe later?


And what else? Ross is at his Icelandic lesson tonight, this is his second week, and he's doing really well... I'm honestly surprised by how quickly he's picking it up, I always picture it as this really tough language that's impossible to learn. I guess it's mostly the grammar that's the hard part, and that comes later, but in the meantime he's learning new stuff all the time!

I think the key is to not be shy about just trying to speak - it's so easy to just speak English here, since everyone does, but it makes it harder to learn. I think that's where Ross excels, he's really good at trying out new words and making connections on his own - WINNER!


Do you have any of those chores that just feel disproportionately difficult, related to what you're actually doing? I just put off putting a doona cover on my blanket for a whole day*, because holy crap, it's way harder than it should be. Maybe I'm doing it wrong?

*Actually, we had two days without a doona cover, but the first night was because the sheets were still damp. Yes, yes, in theory other sheets exist, but... Eh, I have no excuse. Best wife ever?

Wednesday, February 2, 2011


Apparently there is a package waiting for me at customs in Reykjavik! In Iceland, you need to pay duty on anything you buy from overseas, and on expensive gifts that you receive - bit of a bummer really, but there's ways around it...

I heard about an ex-pat Icelander living in the U.S. who made herself a bit of a business: for a small fee, she'd get your awesome Amazon package, rewrap it in pretty paper and write you a birthday card, and voila - no more toll! It all went very well until she failed to post a few pretty large purchases. And stopped answering her phone and emails. And mysteriously moved house.

Anyway, customs sent me a letter saying I needed to provide my receipt of payment, but the joke's on them - it's a package from Mum, full of baby clothes bought on sale in London! So I wrote them a friendly email explaining it all, and since I haven't heard back from them, I assume they believe me...


It's been really snowy for the last couple of days, but luckily it has been quite still and pretty at night - lucky because I have been walking Miss Freyja, and it's that much more pleasant when you're not fighting the dog AND the wind. And, as an extra special bonus, since I can see the other doggy footprints in the snow, I can tell which way she's going to lunge next, and I can lunge first! It almost makes me feel like I'm controlling where we walk. Oh, the power.


Aaaaaaand... That's it for this side of the world... Or you know, my small chunk of it, anyway!

Tuesday, February 1, 2011


Guess what? I'm going to post every day in February! Do you think it's a total cop out to not even write a whole post, and just leave it at that?


Yeah. Yeah it is. So what can I tell you? Today I worked at that workplace that I work at, it was not at all disagreeable. My boss is on sick leave at the moment, and the girl who was replacing her is on holiday in Tenerife (so jealous!), so there was no one checking up on mistakes - yay!

It snowed quite a bit, and I got to drive around in it - thank goodness for being too lazy to walk to work. Even when it seems okay on the way TO work, it sometimes becomes blizzardy by the afternoon. And although I realise that I should always be dressed for bad weather, I rarely follow through with that, especially when we're in a rush in the morning!

I've been thinking about all the movies and books that I want Henri* to see/read... What I need is these:

Picture from here

Does anyone else remember these? Morality tales, really cutely drawn, quite sad a lot of the time. I once read one at Ross' house about Fanny, the three legged cat - I cried, and still get a bit teary when I think about it... There's this cat, and she only has three legs, and she tries to be friends with all the baby farm animals, but then their mums tell them to stay away from her... Okay, maybe you had to be there.

Also: Miyazaki movies. I don't mind that they don't always make sense, Henri needs to be introduced to the idea of a catbus as soon as possible.

Is it bad to force all your childhood (and heck, recent!) loves onto your child? I think not, I pretty much try to force things I like onto everyone - I'm just avoiding a double standard!

*Oh yeah, by the way, we're calling our boy Henri Thor! Still not sure if that will be how we spell it, it works better in Icelandic that way - girls' names tend to end in 'y' - but it still looks a bit weird to me sometimes.