Wednesday, January 12, 2011


well it seems i am not very good at doing regular blogs but today i have very special amazing terrific news about our peanut... you may call him mr peanut... get it... it's a boy! if i was more organised i would have some pictures to post as well but you will probably have to wait until tomorrow. or the next day. *

See, a long time between posts leads to nervousness and word blockage, and too much to say and nowhere to start. So Ross took over! And yes, exciting news is exciting!
I'll do catching up later. Maybe.


Northern musings said...

I fink that he should be called hugljúfur.... or hróbjartur or arnljótur or bergljótur. I´ll let you do the translations of those spectacular Icelandic names.... or Bjarkur like Björk... Nah, whatever he shall be called shall be good. Am so so so happy for you both! Also, have I told you how nice it is having you here?

Maja said...

Wow a boy! Awesome :)