Sunday, January 30, 2011


Got some amazing postcards from Victoria, they are totally rad and made my day! As she points out, there's not very much room to write on a postcard (even with tiny neat handwriting), so this one here is just one of three!

Can't see the picture very well, but it's a kitty with multicoloured hair bands around his arms! I believe his name is Jasper, and he's from Stuff On My Cat - as Sigga said, my friends have some pretty excellent taste in postcards.

Ross and I went swimming yesterday morning, it was pretty nice, but a bit windy. We just got free swimming cards from work, it gives you free entry to any of the three pools in the fjord, as often as you like, until you leave the company! Exciting times, I love free things.

Had a lovely dinner at Sigga's last night, home slaughtered leg of lamb from Tunga with potato and leek soup for entree, and ice cream with Mars Bar sauce for dessert (of course you want the recipe: cream + Mars Bars in a pan, melt and eat with joy!)

Aaaand, I made Ross take a photo of me, wearing an awesome dress I got from my aunt Guðný (again, yay for free things!)

Aaaaand I'm clearly still working on appropriate facial expressions. But ye gods look at how huge I am!

In other news, I looked on Íslendingabók last night, which is an online ancestral database for pretty much everyone in Iceland. You basically sign up to it, and then you can type in anyone's name and find out how closely you're related to them. It's a far cry from tracing your family tree through letters and whatever other written records you can find - maybe a touch less rewarding, but very immediate and educational.

I wanted to find out how far back I was related to Páll Óskar, this awesome cheesy disco/pop star of whom I have grown fond (I've never heard a whole album, but he seems like a pretty good human.) Disappointingly, it turns out we're about six or seven generations apart, which is about as far as you can get from anyone here... Bummer. 

And I think that's pretty much everything I have to say. Had a very lazy day today in preparation for going back to work tomorrow - I am finding myself feeling a little bit more tired these days, but it's nothing an afternoon nap won't fix!

Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Post-post posting...

Hmm, I guess that title could sort of imply that I've been posting things, but I have not. Alas. Although I do think about it a lot - if you guys could only see the amazing imaginary packages I've sent you all...

Anyway. What is up? As usual, my life is rather dull and maybe a little bit un-noteworthy to anyone except me, but never mind! Posting pointlessly is part of my privilege as a user of the internets...


Sigga is unfortunately still a bit damaged from her weekend fun - she fell off a bus after the Þorrablót and bruised her hip pretty badly, poor thing. Mum has headed back to Australia, and Amma is staying with her sister for a couple of days... I have been appointed chief dogwalker, but I'm not quite as dedicated as Sigga, so I'm getting a lot of sad-brown-eyes in my direction... It's a pretty good motivator, the old sad-brown-eyes.


Today I talked to a girl at work about being pregnant at the fish factory - I have finally started telling people about it (well, one person, and then gossip takes care of the rest)! She said that when she was pregnant, she worked up until Christmas, then had the baby on the first of January! They sure do make them tough here...

She did admit that she'd cut down her hours before that point, it seems like you basically get to choose what you want to do, work-wise, based on how you're feeling. I'm not really sure how it works elsewhere, but I like that the system just relies on common sense.


Speaking of common sense, I feel a bit like I'm lacking sense of any kind at the moment. I have heard that it's a side effect of hormones and all that, but I'm still kind of surprised by how much of an airhead I am, to put it bluntly. The other day after Mum and I went to the shops, she and Amma were planning to head up to my uncle's farm, and they told me so before I headed over to Sigga's house.

Then, half an hour later, when Sigga asked me where Mum and Amma were, I told her quite honestly that I had no idea. Not even an inkling. Quite bizarre and a little bit terrifying, but the upshot is I can spend hours happily staring into space, with no need for any sort of entertainment. Wait, is that an upshot? I don't even know anymore. Ross finds it funny, anyway.


And yes, Mum has gone back to Australia, which is a bit sad, but she'll be back (with Dad!) at the end of May! We had a really nice time here, I think she had a good relaxing holiday, and got to spend some quality time with Amma, Sigga, Ross, me and the plus one!

Okay, sad-brown-eyes have been activated, time to go!

Saturday, January 15, 2011

Catch ups!

 Some photos from the holidays!

Down is pretty much the warmest and most ridiculous looking thing there is for cold winter walks...

And my work in progress...

Finished! Lovely husband man even says he likes it a lot, and I am pretty proud of how it turned out!

Ha, so it turns out that all these years I've been buying dresses with high waists and roomy skirts, I've actually been stocking up my maternity party wardrobe! Yay me!
And on a related note, I think I  need to learn to pose sideways without looking like a dork... Or else... Maybe the key is to look totally exactly like a dork, on purpose! My entire outlook on life may have just turned on its head!


What else? Well pretty much everything, this is the downside to spending your days doing things that aren't updating your blog. I think I just realised that I mostly write this for Mum to know what I'm up to, and now that she's here I'm just neglecting everyone else! Sorry, folks!

We had the second ultrasound on Wednesday, and apart from the already reported boy news, there is nothing of interest to report - which is awesome! The doctor was really nice, and said that he could see everything really clearly and it was all fine. Technology is pretty much amazing, you could see the four little chambers of the heart, the little nose and lips, toes and fingers - I swear he gave us a thumbs up. 

Towards the end, once he'd looked at all the health stuff, he asked if we'd like him to try to find out the sex, which of course we said yes to, as I've been dying to know for ages! He then laughed, and said he'd actually seen the penis on the very first pass, but didn't want to give it away if we didn't want to know! Nice man.

 Then when Vicki and Mum came in, he showed us the penis from about seven different angles - I think maybe he thought we didn't believe it? We did, and are very happy about it all. Yay life!


And that's it for now. Am currently having the laziest weekend known to man, and I think this might count as productivity...

Wednesday, January 12, 2011


well it seems i am not very good at doing regular blogs but today i have very special amazing terrific news about our peanut... you may call him mr peanut... get it... it's a boy! if i was more organised i would have some pictures to post as well but you will probably have to wait until tomorrow. or the next day. *

See, a long time between posts leads to nervousness and word blockage, and too much to say and nowhere to start. So Ross took over! And yes, exciting news is exciting!
I'll do catching up later. Maybe.

Tuesday, January 4, 2011

I need this...

Maybe I could make my own...

Ooh, also, Happy New Year and stuff!