Tuesday, December 21, 2010


Oooh, Ross and I got amazing cheese and hangikjöt hampers from work as Christmas presents! How lovely and exciting!

It was all beautifully arrayed in a basket, but I dismantled it before taking photos. Oops.

I can't eat any of the unimaginably delicious unpasteurised cheeses! NOOOOO!

Seriously dudes, I don't know if you understand how much of a tragedy this is. As I was putting most of it away in the fridge, my brain played me a montage of all the times I've enjoyed eating soft cheese: blue castello in a salad, roquefort and baguettes backstage in France, camembert and crackers in bed while watching a movie... Heartbreaking.

It definitely pays to triple check these dietary rules - K pointed out that the no caffeine thing has a pretty dubious basis, and sure enough, the booklets and internets all say a version of the following:
'The effect of caffeine on a developing foetus is unknown/ has not been studied well enough/ or maybe at all, now that we think about it, but you should probably not drink any, just in case it causes autism or albinoism or having the second toe longer than the first! GRARGH fear everything!!' Or you know, something to that effect.

Also, mum said someone told her the other day that ultrasounds cause ADD. Um. Yeah.

Anyway, I think I can at least eat the so-called 'jóla ostur'. Every year they make a special cheese for Christmas, and it says on the packet that it's in the havarti family, which is usually made from pasteurised milk! And also, I read that if you cook soft cheeses, that totally makes them okay! So, your best blue cheese, camembert and brie recipes in the comments, please!

Sunday, December 19, 2010

''Get pleasure out of life...as much as you can. Nobody ever died from pleasure.'' Sol Hurok

Completely unrelated title, but quite accurate as I am pretty content with life these days.
I wrote half a draft at Amma's, but I'm at Sigga's now, so I'll just post some photos from our walk today...

Have I mentioned that we're living in a Christmas card? The snow is piling up, and everything looks lovely... And the abundance of lights means that we're coping with the winter darkness pretty well. These were taken around 3pm, just the last slivers of light before nighttime.

I find it hard to get motivated to leave the nice warm house and go for a walk, but I always enjoy it once I'm out... I should write this fact down on my hand or something, it'd do me good to remember it!

Anyway, two course lobster meal tonight (okay that's a lie, they're langoustines, but whatevs): bisque followed by tails in a creamy mushroom sauce. Mmmm.... I don't usually like shellfish that much, but I think it's mostly to do with texture, and I don't find langoustines to be as bad as prawns... Or maybe I just have refined tastes (ha!)

Thursday, December 9, 2010

On Dasher, on Dancer, on Prancer and Vixen!

It is somewhat amusing what makes me motivated to write - I have three or four drafts lying around, covering among other things: The Drones (and how they're my favourite band ever), the funny lady at work who can't ever figure out when to go on her coffee break (and how she is hilarious, but nice) and fish-stealing etiquette (I was going to summarize it, but gosh it's an in-depth subject. Honest.)

But what will make me finish a post? What is the magical element that I will finally commit to print (weeeelll, not print, but you know what I mean)?
The secret ingredient is food - specifically, reindeer burgers. Yup, dinner tonight was Rudolph in a bun, and it was delicious! I made the patties similar to the old Betty's recipe - and in doing so realised how much of my brain is filled with pointless info from old jobs... What's in a Baby Blues burger, you ask? Why, it's lettuce, a burger patty, a slice of cheddar cheese with blue cheese spread on top, cooked mushrooms and onions, and BBQ sauce. A Bistro? Lettuce, patty, cheese, bacon, sour cream and smoked hickory sauce. Thanks for asking.

So anyway, reindeer tasted surprisingly good, different from beef but not too gamey. I'd like to try it in some other form, but it's a wee bit pricey because it's so expensive to hunt.

I was going to take photos of a finished burger, but got distracted by the eating part before I got the chance... I did remember halfway through, but there are few things less appetizing than badly taken photos of half eaten food.


What else is there? Today I got some super tips on upping my fish cleaning rate at work, and they were awesomely helpful! I still haven't quite reached the average speed of everyone else - which was about 220 today, although I have no idea what that number actually means. Number of fish per hour? Number of smiley faces I could draw while you clean a hundred fish?
Does not matter, my number today went from 145 (which was a record for me at the time) to 178 - I just couldn't manage to get past that point! Maybe one day... A girl can dream.
So yes, keeping track of numbers does wonders for a competitive lass like myself... And this week has gone really fast at work, which is great.


Oooh, another nice thing about work, is that there is a special staff discount at the co-op tonight, for all of the staff of KS and its daughter companies - which means Fisk! We get 25% off everything, so we're doing some mega Christmas shopping for all of us! It's a good business plan, because I wasn't really planning on doing much shopping for presents at the co-op, but now of course I will. Still, it's not anything they had to do, so I appreciate the thought. I like the little things employers do to make you feel good about working.

And that's it for now. Prepare for no more updates until the next time I eat a crazy interesting dinner! Or maybe I'll let you in on the secrets of polite fish stealing...