Friday, November 5, 2010

Fry, fish and second hand clothes...

Oh thank goodness, Stephen Fry explained that whole dealie with the misquoting. Cue huge sigh of relief from myself, Vicki and Sigga - we figured it was all a mistake, anyway.

What else? Ross and I have tomorrow off, which is awesome as there's a Red Cross market which will have to sate my op-shopping needs for the next couple of months! I'll need all the time and energy I can muster... They have the fantastic deal of all the clothes you can fit in a bag for 1500kr (twelve-ish Australian dollars, I think.) Last time I deeply regretting not just grabbing random nice materials to fill up my bag - who knows, maybe one day I'll learn to sew.

Hmm, other stuff... Can't really think of anything. We've both been working working working, and my work stories are pretty much about fish, worms or a horrible combination of the two. The high points feel good, but are pretty average, such as 'the time I got new gloves after I cut holes in the fingertips of the old ones' and 'the time my extra break coincided with a whole stack of huge and annoying fish to clean, then as soon as I came back, there were normal cod again'. Small pleasures.

Also on the list of seemingly small things that make me unbelievably happy - Amma dug some amazing snow boots out of her shed. I think Anna owned them when she was here, and Amma didn't let her take them home, because they're so bulky. They're fantastic. And warm. And you can fit in them while wearing woolly socks, OR, as I discovered today, SLIPPERS. I am the most happy human there has ever been.

Anyway, Sigga has just cooked an amazing dinner, I must go and eat it. What a good life.

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Maja said...

You should follow stephen fry on twitter, he's awesome!