Monday, November 29, 2010


Argh, the slackitude is damaging me! As the Icelanders say, I'm dying of laziness.

Anyway, what is up? This last weekend was pretty good, it was the official start of Christmas!  There is a particular date before which you're not supposed to put up decorations or lights - although I definitely saw one or two houses that snuck some lights up early, and I can't blame them! It is getting pretty dark, pretty early nowadays.

So on Saturday there was a big event in town, they lit up the Christmas tree in front of the post office, and all the stores had markets, hot chocolate and cookies either for sale, or sometimes for free! There was quite a lovely atmosphere, lots of kids running around having heaps of fun, and everyone was all smiley and happy.

Sunday we got things done: Ross put up lights on the front of Sigga and Amma's houses, we cleaned up the upstairs at Amma's (holy crap how nice is it to have space?), and Ross and Sigga decanted their homemade wine!

I had a bit of a taste, and everyone is pretty convinced it is a very drinkable vintage! Amma said it had an aftertaste of berries, she is a very professional wine taster... It is slightly more alcoholic than regular wine, as both Sigga and Ross told me after one glass each - and these are not wine rookies.

It's alright, Freyja will guard us from the wine - or she'll guard the wine from us. 

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Northern musings said...

Freyja doesn't look like much of a wine guard dog... she just gives up and lets me grab another one....