Monday, November 29, 2010


Argh, the slackitude is damaging me! As the Icelanders say, I'm dying of laziness.

Anyway, what is up? This last weekend was pretty good, it was the official start of Christmas!  There is a particular date before which you're not supposed to put up decorations or lights - although I definitely saw one or two houses that snuck some lights up early, and I can't blame them! It is getting pretty dark, pretty early nowadays.

So on Saturday there was a big event in town, they lit up the Christmas tree in front of the post office, and all the stores had markets, hot chocolate and cookies either for sale, or sometimes for free! There was quite a lovely atmosphere, lots of kids running around having heaps of fun, and everyone was all smiley and happy.

Sunday we got things done: Ross put up lights on the front of Sigga and Amma's houses, we cleaned up the upstairs at Amma's (holy crap how nice is it to have space?), and Ross and Sigga decanted their homemade wine!

I had a bit of a taste, and everyone is pretty convinced it is a very drinkable vintage! Amma said it had an aftertaste of berries, she is a very professional wine taster... It is slightly more alcoholic than regular wine, as both Sigga and Ross told me after one glass each - and these are not wine rookies.

It's alright, Freyja will guard us from the wine - or she'll guard the wine from us. 

Thursday, November 18, 2010

Good news, everyone!

So. I have some exciting news. And it's more exciting than my usual news - 'today I saw a fish fillet and it was kind of in the shape of a wonky love heart'.
Yes. Even more exciting than that!

I think Boys Boys Boys put it best:

If you zoom in, you can see the bearded baby at the bottom.

Yeah! So Ross and I are about three months pregnant, although to be honest, I've been doing most of the foetus-carrying and nausea-having. It's actually not too bad, I feel a little bit sick sometimes, but mostly I'm just ravenously hungry. I do find myself craving food that just makes me feel like a stereotype - I made a raclette for lunch the other day. Raclette sounds fancier and more cultured than ' boiled potatoes, melty cheese, pickles, salt and pepper'.

Oh well, I can stand being a stereotype for a little while.

Anyway, I am gradually getting used to the idea. It's still a bit bizarre and surreal, but Ross and I are both really really excited and happy, in amongst all the terror.
Ah, terror is a strong word, deep down I'm still feeling like everything will be okay. Other people figure out how to raise children all the time, surely it's not beyond our capabilities!

Finally, I have a sonar scan thing, done at my first doctor's visit, but I have a feeling that not everyone wants to see my insides! So, if you're not into that kind of thing, look away now!

Saturday, November 13, 2010

Wedding and guess what? More fish!

Ooh, guess what? The other day at work, I got to try something new! The way they freeze the fish is: the fillets are arranged on a conveyor belt, which then travels through the freezer room for about seven hours. I got to arrange the fillets on the conveyor belt – woo! It sort of felt like a video game, maybe 'Tesselating-fish-origami-tetris'* – one side of the fillet had to be folded under, then you‘d have to arrange them as close together as possible... And on top of that, I just used the word 'tesselate‘ for the first time in, oh, ten years? Awesome.

* If anyone ever makes this game, remember it was my idea first. Also, I'd totally get the high score.

After lunch I got to go back to my regular job, the fish trimming. It was quite a nice change, my knives were all nice and sharp and they didn‘t have time to get blunt before the end of the day! Plus the variety made it feel like my day was cut in half – good good.

I seriously have so much time to think at this job. Not so much with the new stuff, as I was concentrating quite hard at first, but the trimming has become pretty much instinctive. So I did some maths – I get this page of statistics on my little screen, so I can see how many A-class fish I‘ve put in, what percentage of the whole fish I‘m using, what percentage goes to B-class, and so on. So I was calculating how many fish I did total (using total number of A fish and percentage of A-class to figure out how many B fish I had), how many fish were done in the whole line, how many fish I must have messed up to get an error percentage of 2.1 (oops, SIX! Dang!)
I am such a nerd.

Also, you know what passes the time?  I sometimes pretend I‘m working in an office. Maybe an office under the sea? My inbox is full of fish, I sit at my little desk and cut them up, then I file them under awesome fish and not so awesome.  It makes me giggle.
So I had a pretty fun day – I think I‘m quite good at entertaining myself with nothing but my brain...


Today is Maja and Jason's wedding -  it is so exciting and I wish I could be there! I'm sure it'll be an amazing and beautiful day, it sounds like they were pulling out all the stops to make it really special... I'm eagerly awaiting photos and video, I think Maja will be a gorgeous bride. So why don't we all raise our glasses (what, you don't have a glass of champagne next to your computer at all times? Shame on you!) to my lovely cousin, her charming husband, and all their future happiness!

Friday, November 5, 2010

Fry, fish and second hand clothes...

Oh thank goodness, Stephen Fry explained that whole dealie with the misquoting. Cue huge sigh of relief from myself, Vicki and Sigga - we figured it was all a mistake, anyway.

What else? Ross and I have tomorrow off, which is awesome as there's a Red Cross market which will have to sate my op-shopping needs for the next couple of months! I'll need all the time and energy I can muster... They have the fantastic deal of all the clothes you can fit in a bag for 1500kr (twelve-ish Australian dollars, I think.) Last time I deeply regretting not just grabbing random nice materials to fill up my bag - who knows, maybe one day I'll learn to sew.

Hmm, other stuff... Can't really think of anything. We've both been working working working, and my work stories are pretty much about fish, worms or a horrible combination of the two. The high points feel good, but are pretty average, such as 'the time I got new gloves after I cut holes in the fingertips of the old ones' and 'the time my extra break coincided with a whole stack of huge and annoying fish to clean, then as soon as I came back, there were normal cod again'. Small pleasures.

Also on the list of seemingly small things that make me unbelievably happy - Amma dug some amazing snow boots out of her shed. I think Anna owned them when she was here, and Amma didn't let her take them home, because they're so bulky. They're fantastic. And warm. And you can fit in them while wearing woolly socks, OR, as I discovered today, SLIPPERS. I am the most happy human there has ever been.

Anyway, Sigga has just cooked an amazing dinner, I must go and eat it. What a good life.