Sunday, October 10, 2010

Sunday morning...

And now you have The Velvet Underground in your head. Or maybe No Doubt. You're welcome.

So Ross has gone swimming again this morning - this is the third day in a row! He's been doing laps at the local pool, and says it makes his lungs feel good. This is no doubt a good thing, but I cannot imagine being outside swimming right now, there's still frost on the ground! It is a heated pool, but still...

Yesterday Ross and I went up to Tunga to help round up and sort lambs again. Luckily the rounding up is just from his fields, so it's not the all day pain-fest of the proper round up. Still, it's probably almost a kilometre of trying to run after sheep (to be perfectly honest, running a kilometre is way beyond my skill set.) So it's more like run run run, pant pant, wheeze, run some more, wheeze some more, run some more, hate sheep forever*.

*Not really, I love their stupid pretty little heads, and the delicious delicious rest of them.

Anyway, once all the sheep were in, we had to figure out which ones Andres wanted to keep for possible breeding next year. He had intended to write up a proper list, but it was still in the beginning stages, so what we had was an almost-random list of numbers that he would consult for every sheep. So Ross and I were grabbing a sheep, calling a number and waiting while Andres looked it up. It felt a bit like I was calling bingo... "oh God, that one just heatbutted me right in the legs, legs eleven."
"Ah you jerk, if you jump again I will kill you and eat you, six hundred and twenty five."

It was pretty good Icelandic number practice for Ross, as my uncle doesn't really speak that much English. So, day well spent, although my thighs are more bruises than regular skin.

By the time we'd finished, it was eight thirty and almost completely pitch black - there aren't any streetlights up in the country. So we made our careful way back to the house, then noticed the amazing stars! It's been pretty cloudy lately, but last night was icy cold and clear, and you could see soooo many more stars than I've ever seen before. Awesome.


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Olga and Ross vs Iceland sounds awesome! Great work on winning at life, you guys.