Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Snow, ponies and the fish factory....

Whoa, Iceland got cold all of a sudden - down to three degrees yesterday and zero this morning. There's snow on the mountains, and it snowed a little in town yesterday!


In other (good and less good) news, we are both employed! We both got hired by the fish factory, which is awesome as we were both getting a little bit bored of being unemployed (to be perfectly honest, I think I'm better at doing nothing than Ross, hard-working fella that he is...) Anyway, this job should pay okay, the hours are cool - 7am til 3.30pm - we're both pretty good at getting up early*, and I can still work at the restaurant next door every now and again.

* I can just about hear my Dad make a noise of disbelief - okay, so maybe some of us are a little bit more grumpy about it than others, but I do manage to get up eventually, honest!

The less good part is just that I am a bit of a snob about working in the fish factory, but at this point, I'll just be glad to get out of the house. Money is money, and it'll be nice to get some - I've heard it makes buying a house easier, too...


What else? As I mentioned in passing above, I have some shifts coming up at the restaurant next door to Amma's. I had a training shift on Sunday night, which was fine. Food service is food service everywhere, so I felt pretty much at ease - except for one comment by the other serving girl. 

As I seated the customers, I'd usually ask if they'd like drinks to start - as you do. The girl pulled me to one side and told me to stop, as it was confusing and a waste of paper to take the food and drink orders separately. The better alternative is apparently to seat people, then do nothing for fifteen minutes while they decide what to eat. Yeeeeahhh, I don't think I'm going to start doing that...

Apart from that, it was fine, so I should be able to work there every once in a while when there are events on - for example, next week I'm working at the end of slaughter season party! Sounds like... uh... fun?


Oooh, I didn't write about it, but I really enjoyed the horse feast we went to on the weekend. I haven't really eaten much proper fancy restaurant food, so it was a totally awesome experience - five interesting and different courses of horses! I wasn't a huge fan of the smoked foal tongue, but everything else was delicious, especially the salad entree with marinated horse, and the dessert of mare's milk ice cream and chocolate mousse. Yum. (For a full description and photos, see Vicki's blog).


Maja said...

Crikey, the fish factory, but yes, a job is a job, and at least you'll both smell like fish :)


Why does the other service girls attitude to service not surprise me... It's quite hilarious though. What a crazy waste of paper!

Ah the slaughterhouse party, good times...

Bridget Turner said...

Holy moly a horse feast!!!

Eat those mean things...those things suck and need to be destroyed. eww horse riding! I way preferred the horse eating part best part of Iceland is the bit where you feast on the blood of a million evil trotting beasts.

olga said...

Haha Maja, you are right, as long as we both smell like fish, it´ll be much less gross.

And B, I didn't know you were so angry at horses... Deep breaths. I promise I'll dedicate every horse eaten to you!