Saturday, September 25, 2010

Ponies! Again!

Mum and Sigga are away for the weekend, so Ross, Amma and I went to Laufskálarétt with Maggi! It's like the sheep rounding up thing, but with lots and lots of horses instead! Whee!

It was completely packed out with people, so we didn't stay long. So many drunk men wearing jumpers with ponies on the front. Good times.

Ross and Amma


We ran into my mum's cousin Ingólfur, who is selling a house that we are quite interested in... He has another place down south where he lives, but he's up here for the weekend - it was cool that we just ran into him (although given the size of town, it was pretty much just a matter of time!)

This is the outside of the house, it's straight across the road from Sigga's driveway, away from the main road. It also backs onto the hill behind town, so there's quite a big yard - including actual trees! I really like this part of town, I can't really imagine living up in the 'hverfi' with the rich people. 

Anyway, hopefully we'll get to look at the inside of it sometime this weekend, then it's just a matter of waiting til we find out the price! I'm hoping we'll get first dibs on it, being family and all - pretty sure that's the way Iceland works...


Vicki said...

I like the look of the house, hope you get to see it soon and it is the right price.

Gill Omega said...

OMG an Olga and Ross house, how exciting! :)

Maja said...

Wow, how exciting!