Monday, September 13, 2010

Moving on...

Whoa, it has been a busy and awesomely fun week!

I got back to London last Sunday night, and Ross and I spent the first part of the week catching up and spending some quality time together. Ooh, and packing! Our moving boxes got delivered while I was away, so we spent a day trying to sort out what we're taking and what we're leaving behind.

Apart from that, the week was pretty uneventful until we went CAMPING!

We played our last show on Saturday at the End of the Road, it was a really lovely little festival! Such a good fun times with awesome people - way better than a going away party, it was a whole going away weekend!

I was going to write all about it, but the pictures sum up pretty well - we just had some really beautiful and chilled out times with our best friends.
It was also great to finish up the band on a high. We played a fantastic set, and we all had fun and the audience enjoyed it - what more could we ask for?

Oh my gosh and then on the way home we drove past Stonehenge! We didn't actually stop and get out of the car or anything - luckily it's a pretty big thing, so you can see it from the road.

Ross and I finished the rest of our packing today, just in time for the boxes to get picked up tomorrow! We're having dinner with friends over the next couple of nights, then we leave Thursday - so exciting and scary and tiring, I am pretty much looking forward to just being all settled in Iceland...

On the other hand, I promise I'll make an effort to enjoy these last few days in London - maybe I'll even miss the place* when I go!

*I do have my doubts, there's not too much about London that I love. The people, however, are a completely different story... But I have extracted promises from all of them to come visit us soon!


Anonymous said...


Great blog! Do you 2 come on the same flight? It is sunny today. Sigga got hurt by a sheep. Loved seeing Vickis blog of Benni and a bit of you and Ross. Cant wait to see you. Cheers Mum

Gill Omega said...

I am very excited that you drove past Stonehenge. (And very happy to see you weren't sucked into another time).