Thursday, September 2, 2010


I had a very busy day off today - wrote down a big list of things to do and then did most of them (although probably skipped the most important ones... Oh well.)

I mowed the lawn at Sigga's and Amma's, and picked some rhubarb from Amma's garden for our amazing dessert tonight - rhubarb, apple and berry crumble... It's going to be awesome!
So I definitely earned some brownie points, although I could have gotten more by not leaving tufts of tall grass behind (+10), raking up the grass that I dropped (+20) and whipper snippering the edges (+25). Oh well, Sigga is whipper snippering now, she said she'd enjoy the sunshine... She is too nice to me.

Took Freyja for a walk afterwards - she was unimpressed by my lawn mowing efforts, but was surprisingly helpful in moving out of the way when I needed her to. The temperature display at the swimming pool read twenty three degrees! No wonder I was so knackered. It does feel nice to get some sun, though.

Mum and I drive down to Reykjavik tomorrow, we're going to stay at a hotel in town and spend some quality time together - I'm really looking forward to it! My flight to London is on Sunday, and Mum will stay another night because Sigga has a meeting to attend in Reykjavik. It's good that Mum doesn't have to drive back on her lonesome, as she doesn't seem to enjoy singing in the car as much as I do*.

Then Ross and I will have to pack up all our gear and get ready to come back here to Iceland! And we'll have to say goodbye to all our dudes in London - I hadn't actually realised that part until I started typing it. Man, that's going to suck. On the bright side, it's not terribly far away, and I'm pretty excited for everyone to come visit us over the next year or two!

*That's one of the big things I miss about Australia - driving around and listening to music and singing like an idiot. So much fun.