Sunday, August 8, 2010

Thank you very nice!

Or næs, as it's written in phonetic Icelandic. Herdís has been saying the above in a hilarious Icelandic accent - don't worry, she's aware of how weird it sounds. It has become a funny catchphrase, so be prepared for me to use it way too often!

I have been having a pretty lovely time, work is still beautiful and fun. It got quite busy towards the end of the week, which was pretty awesome - time goes so fast when you're busy!

Herdís has been teaching me all the recipes for all her cakes and breads - I can't wait to use my own pancake pan to make some deliciousness (P.S. Mum: that's what I'd like from Australia, if you have any room left in your suitcase!)
A million tourists have taken photos of me in my swishy skirt, so it's only fair that you get one, too:

What else? Sigga and I took Freyja for a really long walk last night, it was good fun. We walked down to the fjord, then up the hill and across the fields and then home! While crossing between the fields, we had to climb through barbed wire fences - always nice.
It was fine right up until Sigga got ever so slightly stuck on top of a wooden fence with barbed wire. She nobly suggested that I go on and leave her behind, but I stuck around for comedy value, and photo taking opportunities. It all turned out fine, she just decided not to be scared of barbed wire... I'm still a bit scared of it, my (not-so) awesome packing skills have left me with one pair of trousers. If anything happens to them, I'm screwed.

On the way home we stopped and played on the swings at the playground - if it's been a while since you've been on a swing, then I highly recommend you go out right now and find one. It was awesome fun! We had a bit of a laugh about the fact that it was Saturday night and we were at the playground instead of out dancing, but I had a really good time...

Today we drove Amma's camper van to Hólar, where we hoped to find lots and lots of blueberries. There were quite a few there, but they weren't quite ripe yet, so we'll probably go back there when Mum comes over! Instead we went up the hill here in Sauðárkrókur, and picked three full containers in about an hour and a half - it was impossible to walk without stepping on berries. Sooooo good.

And that's about it! I'm working Monday to Friday this week, but some of them are short shifts, so I'll still have a bit of free time. Apparently there's some sort of music event happening next weekend, so if Sigga manages to get some free tickets, we'll go see some bands!


Vicki said...

That is such a lovely photo of you and Kristin...and the long dress does suits you. Hope to see you soon!

Anonymous said...

Great blog. Can't wait to see you. I agree with Vicki, the skirt suits you.Wow and you baking. I'll bring the pan. Lots of love. Mum

Anonymous said...

I love you and wish i was there

olga said...

Thanks, I really do love the photo (and the skirt!)

Love you too!

Gill Omega said...

You look very happy :) I love the skirt!

Maja said...

When did you get so tall!! I think it's the combo of standing next to shrinking Amma and the low ceiling in Áshúsið. I got your ipod cover last week, and the monkey! Very exciting, it´s beautiful thanks :)

olga said...

Yeah, I look like a huge lady. You should see the other photo Sigga took, she crouched down and pointed the camera up!