Saturday, August 14, 2010


Had an awesome night last night, Sigga and I went to Gæran, which is a new music festival in Sauðárkrókur. It was the first ever night, and it was pretty rad.

It was held in the sheepskin processing warehouse in town - the word gæran means sheepskin. Just a little bit 'sveito'. Quite a weird choice of venue, but it was pretty okay, sound-wise. Unfortunately smell-wise: not so good. Blech.

The girls that I work with wanted to see this guy Svavar Knutur, so we got there pretty early - I'm so glad we did! He was a singer songwriter guy, just played an acoustic guitar and an ukelele (oh my God I need an ukelele!) His music was nice to listen to, and he was pretty funny in between songs, too.

I took a video of a song about getting drunk and playing shows in Germany - there was a giant breakdown in the middle where he was singing about being coerced into playing covers (on his ukelele!) on a train in Hamburg. Of course I had to get this bit:

But I had to stop taping because I wanted to sing along on the next time round!

All the bands were really different - there was a gothy metal one, then an Australian (awww!) singer songwriter guy who had just been touring with Svavar Knutur, then more rocky pop, then Icelandic rap (what?), and then GEIRMUNDUR!

For those not in the know, Geirmundur is a singer guy from the fjord - he has been playing at all the country dances for FIFTY years! I think everyone knows that he's a bit lame, but he's definitely a lot of fun! Everyone was pretending to be cool up until that point, but then as soon as he started playing, they all started dancing - good times!


Maja said...

Yeah, livin on a prayer!! Where are all the people?

Geirmundur still doing gigs? Crikey.

Anonymous said...

Geirmundur = Jimi Hendrix of the North


olga said...

Yeah, he´s a pretty old man these days... Oh yeah, and the people are just standing back from the stage, as they did right up until Geiri played. Awesome.

Ross, who was it that said that? I bet it was you...