Sunday, August 29, 2010

If you want to be happy, be. ~Leo Tolstoy

Had a busy busy weekend, but lots of fun!

Yesterday I got to have the morning off work, which was lovely! I slept in a bit, but not heaps. You know how most mornings when you wake up, you just want one more hour of sleep? It was like that, an hour was all I needed to wake up and feel like a million bucks.

I talked to my friend Jade on Skype, and was again reminded that we live in the FUTURE, dudes! Every once in a while I realise that technology is awesome, and it makes me happy.

It was really quiet at work, so I got lots of time to work on my latest knitting project, which is a Moebius shawl - the process is totally blowing my mind. (Yes, I am slightly sheltered over here.) You knit it on circular needles, and somehow you knit in two directions at once! And then you end up with only one side! WHAT?! 

I still don't understand how it works, but it's totally easy to do, so I guess I don't really need to understand how it happens, just as long as it does. I've started knitting this one in grey acrylic-y wool, but I think it'd be fantastic made from some kind of lopi.... Orders in now, folks!


Last night we all went to the Héraðshátið Framsóknarmanna - a shindig for Sigga's political party. It was pretty interesting, there were some funny sketches and a lovely dinner. There were also lots of sketches and jokes that went way over my head, including one bit where a table of three dudes had a poetry contest... 

Apparently it's a common-ish Icelandic thing, they have to make up funny four lined poems about various current events and people.. It was pretty impressive that they did it all on the spot, but there was one dude whose voice just grated on my ears. 

Geirmundur played at the end, and I stayed for a couple of songs before I headed home - piker! Mum and Amma danced until two, and I think Amma would have stayed longer if Mum had let her. Sigga partied with her party until the sun came up. Admittedly, it's still summer, so sunrise happens pretty early. Still.

Here's a nice picture of Mum and Amma - sorry Mum, you guys are clearly sitting in exactly the same pose...

There are some photos of me, but golly gosh I am the queen of having terrifying red-eye.


Tonight we went to a family dinner at Eyrún and Rúnars. The family on my grandfather's side aim to get together once a month for a big dinner, and tonight's party was great fun! 
There are heaps of little cousins who are all really close in age and good friends, so there's lots of running around and screaming and playing football. Everyone seemed really relaxed and lovely, and the food was delicious - freshly caught freshwater trout and homegrown potatoes, followed by a berry cheesecake. Yum.

At the end of the night, they decide who gets to host the next couple of dinners - Ross and I have been volunteered for December. Hope we have somewhere to live by then! Imagine that!


Anonymous said...

awesome! though my food contains garlic and chilli i am scared i will poison your relatives.

lots of love
your man

Vicki said...

Hey Ross, just remember you ate smelly fish and rotten shark!

Olga I am putting my order in for a moebius shawl...had no idea what it looked like but googled it...(I thank god for the internet)looks handy for a summer evening in downtown Sauðárkrókur.


Anonymous said...

god didn't invent the internet


olga said...

Ah, we'll teach them to love garlic and chilli!

Vicki: I'll try to find some non-itchy lopi for you... This first practice one is going pretty well, so the next one should be awesome!