Monday, August 9, 2010

How NOT to be my friend on Facebook...

Step 1. Be a random person that went to my high school for less than a year. Ideally, we shared only one class together in that year.

Step 2. Friend request me.
Step 2a. While I´m still hesitating about whether to add you, friend request me again.

Step 3. After I give in and add you, (because ah, what the hell, why not?) send me a message asking if I want to get some free tupperware! By hosting a TUPPERWARE PARTY.

Just. No.

1 comment:

Gill Omega said...

OH I love it when they send you a request the THIRD time saying, you probably didn't recognise my married name... it's like, oh, I recognised you, I'm just not adding you because we weren't friends- you were awful!! (But like you, I usually succumb to the pressure, add them, & regret it instantly).