Friday, August 20, 2010


My dear little baby sister is turning twenty one! Or rather, she already has, given that it's nearly tomorrow in Australia. I'm guessing that mum and dad aren't going to do the big chart of embarrassing photos at a party - luckily, I have a much wider audience, and all of Sigga's photos at my disposal. Muah ha ha ha!

So here's to you, Anna!

I can vaguely remember when Anna was born - I was still pretty little, but I think I was pretty excited about it.  I remember once at the house in Maddington, Dad and I were both home, and we noticed that she'd been quiet for a while... And when we found her, she was sitting in front of the mirror, surrounded by clumps of hair, and sporting a (quite adorable) futuristic clumpy looking haircut. Awesome.

My little mini-me and I didn't always get along. It was pretty much the usual sibling stuff - she wanted to hang out with me and my friends, and we then convinced her that we were zombies and that she would enjoy being a zombie after we ate her brains...
(Side note: I do not remember this alleged incident, but apparently threatening to eat your little sister's brain can create a lasting effect. Fact.)

Throughout all the bickering, Mum always used to say that although we may have thought that we hated each other, one day we'd be the best of friends.

Turn around, bright eyes....

So anyway, with me tormenting her and her earaches, Anna had a bit of a rough time growing up, but she still managed to grow up pretty awesomely. She has always been a tough cookie. I'm sure she had her feelings hurt many a time - too often by bitchy teenage me - but instead of taking it and then whining about it, she held her head high and stood up for herself. It wasn't a refined process when she was littler, but today I completely admire how strong and brave she is - she demands respect.

Above all, she's always herself (duh, who else would she be?). She stands up for what she believes in - if someone says something insensitive, wrong or just plain mean, she calls them on it. She will not put up with injustice in any form (like a superhero!)
She also likes coloured lycra (like a superhero!)

She has a lot of fun. She doesn't fuss too much about what people think, and she's always ready to laugh at herself and anyone else who deserves it!

She is brutally honest, and beautifully sweet and good hearted, and adorable. And I love her to pieces.

Happy birthday Anna!

P.S. Mum, you were right. Best friends.


Northern musings said...

and yes I am crying!!! God I love you guys. I am so privileged to have you guys in my inner circle. I have the bestest of nieces (you too Maja and Kristin!!!) Love you ALL to bits! Hope that you had a great great day Anna!

Anonymous said...

AWWWW! Thank you so much Olga! This is so sweet!

Dean and I went for pancakes this morning, and all I could think about was how you, me, Ross and Kristinn all went for pancakes when I was...fifteen, maybe?

I miss you lots, and thank you for the wonderful post. I'm so glad we're friends.

Johanna said...

Sweet post Olga - and you are so right - Anna is awsome...;°)... and so are you all - the photo of you, Anna and Kiddi says it all - beutyful people, both inside and out...;°)... But the thing is - you could not be anything else - you were made by Unnur and Sigurthor!!! Happy birthday dear Anna - looking forward to seeing you in october - save me some cake;°)....

Gill Omega said...

The only time I met your sister Anna was at Redfern. I walked past the two of you, and when I was sitting with Matt and Joe, your sister came into the room and said to me, "I just have to tell you how much I love your dress". I always remembered that, because I think going out of your way to compliment a stranger is a sign of a lovely person :)

olga said...

Yup, seriously, she's tops.

Gillian: She does it all the time! Spreading joy to strangers - I should definitely do more of it!


Maja said...

Anna was the cutest little baby, I just wanted to carry her around with me all the time. I'd forgotten til you posted those photos!

Anna is definitely awesome. So proud of her.