Monday, July 5, 2010

Sunny #2

Ross and I had a lovely weekend, we celebrated being married - thanks for the well-wishing, well-wishers! We went and had a picnic in Greenwich and looked at all the markets, then took a ferry back to town. The weather was gorgeous all day (all weekend, in fact) so it was great to get some sunshine.

We came home and Ross fell asleep at 4.30pm. Awww... Poor little guy, he was all tuckered out.

And then I made a scorpion!

I realised once I finished that I forgot to look at a picture of a real scorpion for reference. Never mind, what it lacks in anatomical correctness, it makes up for with smileyness. And I feel it captures that sense of fun that people get from stingy arachnids - don't you?

EDITED TO ADD: Cripes, I'm short two legs! Ah well, I'll stick some on tomorrow...

I also made a burger, but I haven't put it on my etsy yet. It seems like every man and his dog is selling a knitted burger, so I have to make mine stand out. My photos of it were all pretty average, so I'll make sure I take some good ones tomorrow!

What else? I've been job hunting a little bit, and also trying to figure out if it's possible to save money by doing lots of bits and pieces instead of one proper job.
If I can get this crafting thing going well, selling stuff on etsy and elsewhere, then I can just work a few nights a week at a pub in the village. One of Ross' friends from work is running a fashion label on the side, and he sometimes needs people to do odd sewing jobs...

I think I could make it work - it helps that Ross is definitely making enough to pay rent, so there's not too much pressure. Except for the whole 'saving to buy a house' business...

It's so hard to decide how much I value money. On the one hand*, I should probably just work my ass off at some job, any job, and try to make as much cash as I can before we leave. On the other hand, I'd like to try this out, and see if I can find a compromise between happiness now (doing what I love) and happiness later (financial security).

*Of course, according to that hand, I should probably not have quit my previous job. Stupid hindsight-y hand.

Hmm... I think I'm too much of an optimist to not give it a go. Whatever else happens, I've always felt pretty sure that everything will work out. We'll be okay.


northern musings said...

Everything will work out and you will be ok!!!!

Love you

Vicki said...

I second that....oh Sigga you already seconded that...I third!

s said...

ha! that scorpion is great

olga said...

Thanks, guys!