Friday, July 9, 2010

Prawn Dream

Some bits and pieces, which, had I been trying to post every day, would have been posted already!

I was listening to Boys Boys Boys, because they are killer and it makes me happy to listen to them. Maybe a little too happy, I may or may not have been dancing a little bit while walking - this is not ideal in Walthamstow. All the scummy dudes who you try to avoid the attention of when you walk past? They notice you when you dance. Oh well, whatever, jerks. I'll do what I want, wear what I want, and I will kick you in the teeth if you try to imply that it has anything to do with you.

Anyway, my original (and less depressing) point was that I was listening to a live recording from back when I was in the band (side note: they should not have let me play a keyboard!) There's some fantastic in between song banter, my favourite is the beginning of The Prawn.

Backstory: this song was inspired by Jade's dream. She dreamed she was eating a prawn, then all of a sudden it became really big and she rode it through the ocean. Or something like that.
Anyway, she told everyone about this dream, sometimes repeatedly. So she asked her housemate if she'd already told her about her prawn dream, but her housemate thought she said 'porn dream' and her housemate was like, no, and I don't really want to...

Anyway anyway anyway. Jerry used to introduce the song with 'Everybody thought it was a porn dream, but really it was a PRAAAAWWWN DREEEEEEEAM!' (cue synth) It was pretty fun.

On the recording however, she says 'Jade told her friend she had a prawn dream, but they thought she said...' Pause as we all look at each other, confused. Then Bridget just yells 'PRAAAAWWWN DREEEEEEEAM!' Good save. It made me laugh out loud in the street, but I guess maybe you had to be there.


I saw this great thread called You were doing it wrong. It's basically just everyone admitting stuff that they've been doing the wrong way for years.

There are lots of mispronounced words - salmon and almond are still pretty controversial. Apparently this is a common feature of kids who spent more time reading than interacting with other people*.  You'll learn one word that you read in a book (ep-i-tome) and then hear someone say a different word that apparently means a similar thing (ep-i-to-mee). Then eventually, when you're in your late twenties, it finally clicks and blows your mind.

*Hey, did I tell you about when I moved primary schools when I was little, and had no friends, and no idea how to make them? And possibly no desire to do so? I used to read babysitters club books at lunch, and when someone came up to me and asked if I wanted to play, I declined. A teacher had to take me aside and tell me to say yes next time... I am awesome.

There are also lots of life changing epiphanies, which are less funny, but kind of nice. My favourite on the list (so far) is this: No one actually has it all figured out. Even if it seems like everyone else knows exactly what they're doing, they're not. They're making it up as they go along, just like you!
This is both awesome and terrifying, because I had assumed that there were some all-knowing adults around somewhere, taking care of everything. Guess not.

 And then there's people summing the whole list up really well: "This thread alternately makes me feel superior (how could you not know X?) and like a complete dribbling moron."

Mine: I didn't understand the word askance - like, 'he looked a-skants at her', as in, he looked at her with a side glance. Kristinn explained it to me when I said 'ask-ance' - I always thought it meant looking at someone questioningly.

Also: Her-me-own vs. Her-my-oh-nee. Ah Harry Potter, I'm glad they made you into movies.

And finally: It's better to be happy than to be right. For me, anyway.

How about you? Entertain me with stories of things you didn't know that you didn't know.


Gill Omega said...

Your reading at school story made me smile- partly, cause that was a Rory storyline in Gilmore Girls! But also cause, when i started school, they considered starting me at year 3 or 4, but Catholic schools didn't believe in grade jumping, so it was agreed I could just read all the library books up to year seven when ahead of the class. Six months into year 1, conundrum- I had read every book in the school library. They eventually told me I would have to learn to 'sit quietly', with my hands folded on the desk, & not bother other students. So for the first few years of school, I mainly sat' for hours every day. Seriously.

northern musings said...

The correct use of the word Ironic has always bugged me. Kristinn is a stickler for this one too. I almost think I have it and then it turns out it was just me being sarcastic and not ironic......

olga said...

Oh my gosh, Gillian - I've heard that schools are more about socialization than actual learning, but that is ridiculous!

Sigga: I still don't know how to use that word, and I don't think I ever will. This is pretty funny:

Maja said...

I don't remember meeting my first real friend, Romina, in pre-primary, but I do remember that I just had to be friends with her and the first time I went to her house her driveway and house were so intimidating, I must have been tiny then, it just seemed huge to walk up there and knock on the door.

I've always wanted to be friends with everyone I meet and sometimes have wasted a lot of time on people who didn't deserve it, but in the last few years I've noticed that I meet a lot of people who I don't want to be friends with and it's kind of a weird and liberating feeling being able to keep people as just acquaintances.

Gill that is not a surprising story, so many people are stifled by schools because staff can't think outside the box and the system doesn't cater for extraordinary people.

I was reading a book yesterday where the author used the word ironical and I wondered if that was an actual word.

Anonymous said...

I had that whole deal with the word "hyperbole." I always thought it was pronounced "high-per-bowl." Dean corrected me. I think it's because I rarely have conversations with people who like using big words when you and Kristinn aren't around. New one: gimcrack. It means cheap or shoddy.

Also, whoa. No one DOES have it figured it out. This didn't occur to me until you said it.