Monday, July 12, 2010

I'm married to a pirate...

Ross offered to pose for some of my Etsy photos...

The more I look at this photo, the more I love it/am terrified of it.

Had an awesome action packed weekend and did lots of fun London-y things!

On Saturday night we caught up with Lindall and Danny, some friends of ours from Perth who just got married! They're an adorable couple and all around good folks. We hung out in Brick Lane, drank some cider and Pimm's... but had pizza instead of curry - pretty wild, hey? There seems to be a trend of people making pizzas with really really thin crusts - almost poppadum thin. It was pretty tasty, but a little bit unsatisfying. Ross said my pizza is better.

Sunday I went with Daisy and Victoria to Hampstead Heath, and we went swimming in the ladies' pond. There's this natural spring in the middle of the park, and it pumps out fresh (cold!) water into a series of ponds that people have been swimming in since the 1800s! The girls went there a few times in the last couple of weeks, and I can see why - it's so lovely and green and peaceful.

I wasn't too sure about this segregated swimming area thing, but it was actually really lovely. Everyone seemed so laid back and unselfconscious - I saw so many boobs. Seriously. More exposed breasts than I've seen before in my life.
Boobs aside, the vibe was really nice - no ogling or awkwardness, just a bunch of ladies hanging out and quietly enjoying the sun.

The pond itself was fantastic - I'm pretty sure it's been years since I've been swimming, and it was bliss! It's three to five metres deep throughout, so you're either constantly treading water or hanging off one of the buoys scattered around the place. They don't do anything to the water, so there are lily pads around the edge, and little moorhen chicks floating about. It somehow felt quite clean, though - I think the spring is directly under the ladies' pond, so it's the freshest and cleanest of the ponds. And it's the coldest, too! So refreshing.


So yeah. Completely lovely and fun times. Today I'm watching Whip It and trying to crochet some cute and useful stuff. I think this might be the key to selling things...


s said...

That swimming place sounds amazing! Haha, great photo though, I bet they sell like hotcakes with this kind of marketing angle

eva.diblasio said...

Olga, Ross ALWAYS says your pizza is better! Thats a true compliment, because I thought we have had some pretty fine Pizza together..being Italiano and all. The problem is I am yet to taste, next time I see you know whats on the menu! xx

olga said...

Man, I can't talk that pond up enough. It was the best swim ever.

Ha ha, true Eva. Maybe he just knows the best way to get more pizza? I'll definitely make some next time I see you!

Maja said...

How cool! Ross doesn't look terrifying at all.