Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Holy Moly!

Oh my gosh, you must look at this tiny pig!

He is TINY! And apparently, not for eating.

And apart from that - only a few more days until I go to Iceland! Exciting!

I'm gradually getting replies from the millions* of shipping companies I've contacted, one dude in particular has been nice and helpful and has offered a pretty cheap quote. Only problem is, by air, they'll only deliver it to Keflavik, where we'd have to go pick it up. He said he's waiting to hear back from a sea freighting company, so maybe they could deliver to another port up north?
Anyway, whatever ends up happening, I'm very glad that things are actually moving forward! Huzzah for progress!

*Not actually millions. That was a huge lie.

What else? Went to see a friend's band last week, it was pretty awesome and fun - except that being thirsty and quenching your thirst with only beer is not that ideal, in hindsight. Ah well, we all had a good time anyway. The show was at this cool bar in Camden that had a great beer garden AND a roof terrace. So nice!

Oh man, the worst thing, though: I saw posters at that lovely pub for an Etsy event happening on the Sunday after I leave! There'll be bands and cupcakes and craft stalls, and I also got an email from Etsy saying that I should go and meet people and bring along a small craft project! I am so bummed that I won't be able to go... Maybe next time I'm in London! Or maybe I'll see how many Icelanders are on Etsy, and host my own fun craft party!


We're having a mini going away party this Friday night, I'm going to make a vat of curry (maybe two?) and have another go at homemade naan bread! Awesome!

I think it'll be a little party, just a few awesome friends. I realised when we were looking for housemates that I really don't know that many people here in London. And most of them live in my house! Win! Maybe that's the reason I don't get out much - I have all the socialisation I need right here in my home.

Awwww, I just realised how much I'm going to miss everyone when I go!

Picture (again!) stolen from Daisy's Facebook. 
Cripes, guys, remind me to take photos at the party, so I can stop the mad thieving!


Northern musings said...

I doubt if you will find anyone that will send to Sauðárkrókur, even though it is a customs port -- so can take stuff from overseas. Kef shouldn´t be a problem if the price is good, we can get Magga to pick it up and then go get it or send it with the next available car that we know of going north. Bummer about the Etsy thing, but hey you could start a new fad here in Iceland as I don´t think that there are many Icelanders on Etsy. It is going to be sad to leave London and all your friends - but it isn't that far away... Can't wait to see you. Love to Ross and a big hi to the housemates in Walthamstow!

s said...

ahahaa, carnitas. i want one!

Vicki said...

"Holy Moly" what an old fashioned expression, I have not seen or heard for such a long time.

Yes I haven't been able to find any ship to take my container to
Sauðárkrókur it needs to be trucked from Reykjavik.

Things are getting exciting!

Maja said...

Mini-pigs are so cute! My friends bought another friend a pig for her birthday once, but she couldn't keep it at her house. My friend had it at her parents place but it grew huge and eventually they ate it. There is nothing yummier than bacon.... or pork for that matter.

I guess that's teh problem of living in such a lowly populated country. The services can be lacking. Hope you figure something out. xoxo