Monday, July 19, 2010

Busy busy busy.

So it turns out that Ross and I will be moving to Iceland sooner than we thought! We were planning to stick around here until all the shows were done, and then relocate in November, but Sigga suggested that we come over earlier and work the slaughter season. The more I think about it, the more I like it!

We were pretty much just biding our time until November - Ross is getting a bit sick of his job and is counting down the days until we leave.
We've finished tracking for the recording, so-band wise there isn't anything that we desperately need to be present for, apart from the two festivals we have booked. And for those, it's not too much drama to fly in and fly out. Maybe we can even convince the bookers to pay for our flights? (I don't think they'll go for it, but you never know!)

The plan now is to move all our stuff over after the festival in September, but I'm going even earlier than that - my aunt Herdís is short-staffed at her café in Iceland, so I'm heading over there at the end of July to help out! It makes sense, because I'm still not working here, so it'll be a great opportunity to earn some money, get better at talking and get some Icelandic work experience.

I'll then fly back for the End of the Road festival, then Ross and I will move over together mid-September! Awesome!

So I made a list of things to sort out before I leave - I got a fair chunk of it done today, now I'm just waiting for shipping quotes and all that other fun stuff.


What else? I went to a Prince themed party on the weekend. I'm not really that familiar with his stuff, but it was fine because it turns out I had a dress with diamonds on, and a whole bunch of pearls - a la that one song.

 Photo swiped from Daisy's Facebook - dress ups are fun!

It was a pretty awesome night, except that the party was in South London, so it took us quite a while to get there, and even longer to get home! There was supposed to be a night bus every half an hour, but nothing came, so after an hour of waiting we just jumped on another bus and took a long and crazy roundabout route home - and just in case you were wondering, Trafalgar Square McDonald's at five thirty on a Sunday morning is a special kind of hell.


Vicki said...

Cool, I hope to meet you in Iceland soon!

Northern musings said...

Maccas at Trafalgar square is a special kind of hell at any time of day. I think I had "lunch" there once, my God... never again!
Told Herdís tonight of your travel plans - she is so looking forward to you coming as is Kristin María - who just can't wait!

Gill Omega said...

Yay for Iceland! Am so glad you posted that, I was just about to mail something to you today at the post office, but I'll send it to Iceland instead now. Just message me an Icelandic address Olga :) ps. your hair's gotten so long, so fast!

olga said...

Yay! Have you booked your flight yet, Vicki?

Sigga: Glad they're looking forward to it, it'll be lovely to spend time with them!

Gillian: I'll let you know an Icelandic address! And thanks, re: hair, I think I like it long...

Vicki said...

Can't book my flight until my residency is think positive thoughts for me. Have to be out of the house by the 19th Aug and will be staying with Kerry until I can leave. Give Sigga and Kristin a kiss and hug from me!