Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Holy Moly!

Oh my gosh, you must look at this tiny pig!

He is TINY! And apparently, not for eating.

And apart from that - only a few more days until I go to Iceland! Exciting!

I'm gradually getting replies from the millions* of shipping companies I've contacted, one dude in particular has been nice and helpful and has offered a pretty cheap quote. Only problem is, by air, they'll only deliver it to Keflavik, where we'd have to go pick it up. He said he's waiting to hear back from a sea freighting company, so maybe they could deliver to another port up north?
Anyway, whatever ends up happening, I'm very glad that things are actually moving forward! Huzzah for progress!

*Not actually millions. That was a huge lie.

What else? Went to see a friend's band last week, it was pretty awesome and fun - except that being thirsty and quenching your thirst with only beer is not that ideal, in hindsight. Ah well, we all had a good time anyway. The show was at this cool bar in Camden that had a great beer garden AND a roof terrace. So nice!

Oh man, the worst thing, though: I saw posters at that lovely pub for an Etsy event happening on the Sunday after I leave! There'll be bands and cupcakes and craft stalls, and I also got an email from Etsy saying that I should go and meet people and bring along a small craft project! I am so bummed that I won't be able to go... Maybe next time I'm in London! Or maybe I'll see how many Icelanders are on Etsy, and host my own fun craft party!


We're having a mini going away party this Friday night, I'm going to make a vat of curry (maybe two?) and have another go at homemade naan bread! Awesome!

I think it'll be a little party, just a few awesome friends. I realised when we were looking for housemates that I really don't know that many people here in London. And most of them live in my house! Win! Maybe that's the reason I don't get out much - I have all the socialisation I need right here in my home.

Awwww, I just realised how much I'm going to miss everyone when I go!

Picture (again!) stolen from Daisy's Facebook. 
Cripes, guys, remind me to take photos at the party, so I can stop the mad thieving!

Monday, July 19, 2010

Busy busy busy.

So it turns out that Ross and I will be moving to Iceland sooner than we thought! We were planning to stick around here until all the shows were done, and then relocate in November, but Sigga suggested that we come over earlier and work the slaughter season. The more I think about it, the more I like it!

We were pretty much just biding our time until November - Ross is getting a bit sick of his job and is counting down the days until we leave.
We've finished tracking for the recording, so-band wise there isn't anything that we desperately need to be present for, apart from the two festivals we have booked. And for those, it's not too much drama to fly in and fly out. Maybe we can even convince the bookers to pay for our flights? (I don't think they'll go for it, but you never know!)

The plan now is to move all our stuff over after the festival in September, but I'm going even earlier than that - my aunt Herdís is short-staffed at her café in Iceland, so I'm heading over there at the end of July to help out! It makes sense, because I'm still not working here, so it'll be a great opportunity to earn some money, get better at talking and get some Icelandic work experience.

I'll then fly back for the End of the Road festival, then Ross and I will move over together mid-September! Awesome!

So I made a list of things to sort out before I leave - I got a fair chunk of it done today, now I'm just waiting for shipping quotes and all that other fun stuff.


What else? I went to a Prince themed party on the weekend. I'm not really that familiar with his stuff, but it was fine because it turns out I had a dress with diamonds on, and a whole bunch of pearls - a la that one song.

 Photo swiped from Daisy's Facebook - dress ups are fun!

It was a pretty awesome night, except that the party was in South London, so it took us quite a while to get there, and even longer to get home! There was supposed to be a night bus every half an hour, but nothing came, so after an hour of waiting we just jumped on another bus and took a long and crazy roundabout route home - and just in case you were wondering, Trafalgar Square McDonald's at five thirty on a Sunday morning is a special kind of hell.

Monday, July 12, 2010

I'm married to a pirate...

Ross offered to pose for some of my Etsy photos...

The more I look at this photo, the more I love it/am terrified of it.

Had an awesome action packed weekend and did lots of fun London-y things!

On Saturday night we caught up with Lindall and Danny, some friends of ours from Perth who just got married! They're an adorable couple and all around good folks. We hung out in Brick Lane, drank some cider and Pimm's... but had pizza instead of curry - pretty wild, hey? There seems to be a trend of people making pizzas with really really thin crusts - almost poppadum thin. It was pretty tasty, but a little bit unsatisfying. Ross said my pizza is better.

Sunday I went with Daisy and Victoria to Hampstead Heath, and we went swimming in the ladies' pond. There's this natural spring in the middle of the park, and it pumps out fresh (cold!) water into a series of ponds that people have been swimming in since the 1800s! The girls went there a few times in the last couple of weeks, and I can see why - it's so lovely and green and peaceful.

I wasn't too sure about this segregated swimming area thing, but it was actually really lovely. Everyone seemed so laid back and unselfconscious - I saw so many boobs. Seriously. More exposed breasts than I've seen before in my life.
Boobs aside, the vibe was really nice - no ogling or awkwardness, just a bunch of ladies hanging out and quietly enjoying the sun.

The pond itself was fantastic - I'm pretty sure it's been years since I've been swimming, and it was bliss! It's three to five metres deep throughout, so you're either constantly treading water or hanging off one of the buoys scattered around the place. They don't do anything to the water, so there are lily pads around the edge, and little moorhen chicks floating about. It somehow felt quite clean, though - I think the spring is directly under the ladies' pond, so it's the freshest and cleanest of the ponds. And it's the coldest, too! So refreshing.


So yeah. Completely lovely and fun times. Today I'm watching Whip It and trying to crochet some cute and useful stuff. I think this might be the key to selling things...

Friday, July 9, 2010

Prawn Dream

Some bits and pieces, which, had I been trying to post every day, would have been posted already!

I was listening to Boys Boys Boys, because they are killer and it makes me happy to listen to them. Maybe a little too happy, I may or may not have been dancing a little bit while walking - this is not ideal in Walthamstow. All the scummy dudes who you try to avoid the attention of when you walk past? They notice you when you dance. Oh well, whatever, jerks. I'll do what I want, wear what I want, and I will kick you in the teeth if you try to imply that it has anything to do with you.

Anyway, my original (and less depressing) point was that I was listening to a live recording from back when I was in the band (side note: they should not have let me play a keyboard!) There's some fantastic in between song banter, my favourite is the beginning of The Prawn.

Backstory: this song was inspired by Jade's dream. She dreamed she was eating a prawn, then all of a sudden it became really big and she rode it through the ocean. Or something like that.
Anyway, she told everyone about this dream, sometimes repeatedly. So she asked her housemate if she'd already told her about her prawn dream, but her housemate thought she said 'porn dream' and her housemate was like, no, and I don't really want to...

Anyway anyway anyway. Jerry used to introduce the song with 'Everybody thought it was a porn dream, but really it was a PRAAAAWWWN DREEEEEEEAM!' (cue synth) It was pretty fun.

On the recording however, she says 'Jade told her friend she had a prawn dream, but they thought she said...' Pause as we all look at each other, confused. Then Bridget just yells 'PRAAAAWWWN DREEEEEEEAM!' Good save. It made me laugh out loud in the street, but I guess maybe you had to be there.


I saw this great thread called You were doing it wrong. It's basically just everyone admitting stuff that they've been doing the wrong way for years.

There are lots of mispronounced words - salmon and almond are still pretty controversial. Apparently this is a common feature of kids who spent more time reading than interacting with other people*.  You'll learn one word that you read in a book (ep-i-tome) and then hear someone say a different word that apparently means a similar thing (ep-i-to-mee). Then eventually, when you're in your late twenties, it finally clicks and blows your mind.

*Hey, did I tell you about when I moved primary schools when I was little, and had no friends, and no idea how to make them? And possibly no desire to do so? I used to read babysitters club books at lunch, and when someone came up to me and asked if I wanted to play, I declined. A teacher had to take me aside and tell me to say yes next time... I am awesome.

There are also lots of life changing epiphanies, which are less funny, but kind of nice. My favourite on the list (so far) is this: No one actually has it all figured out. Even if it seems like everyone else knows exactly what they're doing, they're not. They're making it up as they go along, just like you!
This is both awesome and terrifying, because I had assumed that there were some all-knowing adults around somewhere, taking care of everything. Guess not.

 And then there's people summing the whole list up really well: "This thread alternately makes me feel superior (how could you not know X?) and like a complete dribbling moron."

Mine: I didn't understand the word askance - like, 'he looked a-skants at her', as in, he looked at her with a side glance. Kristinn explained it to me when I said 'ask-ance' - I always thought it meant looking at someone questioningly.

Also: Her-me-own vs. Her-my-oh-nee. Ah Harry Potter, I'm glad they made you into movies.

And finally: It's better to be happy than to be right. For me, anyway.

How about you? Entertain me with stories of things you didn't know that you didn't know.

Monday, July 5, 2010

Sunny #2

Ross and I had a lovely weekend, we celebrated being married - thanks for the well-wishing, well-wishers! We went and had a picnic in Greenwich and looked at all the markets, then took a ferry back to town. The weather was gorgeous all day (all weekend, in fact) so it was great to get some sunshine.

We came home and Ross fell asleep at 4.30pm. Awww... Poor little guy, he was all tuckered out.

And then I made a scorpion!

I realised once I finished that I forgot to look at a picture of a real scorpion for reference. Never mind, what it lacks in anatomical correctness, it makes up for with smileyness. And I feel it captures that sense of fun that people get from stingy arachnids - don't you?

EDITED TO ADD: Cripes, I'm short two legs! Ah well, I'll stick some on tomorrow...

I also made a burger, but I haven't put it on my etsy yet. It seems like every man and his dog is selling a knitted burger, so I have to make mine stand out. My photos of it were all pretty average, so I'll make sure I take some good ones tomorrow!

What else? I've been job hunting a little bit, and also trying to figure out if it's possible to save money by doing lots of bits and pieces instead of one proper job.
If I can get this crafting thing going well, selling stuff on etsy and elsewhere, then I can just work a few nights a week at a pub in the village. One of Ross' friends from work is running a fashion label on the side, and he sometimes needs people to do odd sewing jobs...

I think I could make it work - it helps that Ross is definitely making enough to pay rent, so there's not too much pressure. Except for the whole 'saving to buy a house' business...

It's so hard to decide how much I value money. On the one hand*, I should probably just work my ass off at some job, any job, and try to make as much cash as I can before we leave. On the other hand, I'd like to try this out, and see if I can find a compromise between happiness now (doing what I love) and happiness later (financial security).

*Of course, according to that hand, I should probably not have quit my previous job. Stupid hindsight-y hand.

Hmm... I think I'm too much of an optimist to not give it a go. Whatever else happens, I've always felt pretty sure that everything will work out. We'll be okay.

Friday, July 2, 2010

(* v *)

I sold some things on etsy - I am almost exactly like some kind of internet business lady! Granted, one of the things was to a friend in Australia, but still...  I've made enough to pay for my listings, so that is a win in my books!

Joe did some promo for me on facebook, which is pretty awesome - a friend of his wants me to make something for her little nephew! Sweet!
He also used the Snowman profile, which has waaaaay more friends than I do. I wonder how many Snowman fans are into crocheted toys? We'll find out soon...


I've been trying to fix up my Paypal - for some reason my bank account hasn't linked up properly. I can still pay for things, but when I get paid, the money stays in my Paypal account instead of going into my bank account - I guess it's a bit like one of those enforced savings accounts, which is totally a good thing, right? All the money I make from selling bits and pieces goes straight towards important things!


Joe and Maja are going to be moving out soon, maybe at the end of July or August, depending on when they find a place... We've been looking for housemates, but I really don't know that many people in London.
Hajni, this girl I worked with at Spring, said some friends of hers were looking for a place right away, but I feel a bit weird about people I don't know moving in. Or maybe it's because I would be the one who brought them - I don't want the responsibility if they turn out to be jerks! I'm sure I'm overthinking it, they're probably lovely people.


Ooops, I have a confession to make. I drafted most of this yesterday afternoon, but instead of finishing it off and posting it, I left it! Yes, here we have a demonstration of how well that peer pressure worked for me during June - without it, I just don't get stuff finished...  Hmm, that sounds really serious and sad, but it's actually fine! Just interesting...


Oooh, today I managed to stream ABC radio 720 through the computer, so that I could listen to Bridget and Gabby sing live! It was totally awesome, they sang so beautifully it gave me goosebumps. I'd love to see them play again, they have a six piece band now, including my friend Erin from my primary school clarinet lessons!

Also today I tried to crochet a hamburger, but unfortunately I didn't have any bread coloured yarn... So now I have a bunch of hamburger fillings instead.

No onions though.