Monday, June 28, 2010

Today I...

... made an etsy store! There's, um, nothing there yet, but still - it's mine, got my name on it and everything! I need to make a nice banner for the top bit - that'll be tomorrow's procrastination project. Then I'll become an instant millionaire. I'm pretty sure that's how the internet works.

P.S. Name-wise, I heard back from the Olga De Polga people and they said no. Boo! I didn't actually think of the fact that Olga Dee is a bit too much like Natalie Dee until after I saved it - I was thinking of D for Danielle or maybe one day Di Blasio.  Oh well.


Oh yeah, here's that clip I mentioned - Dara O'Briain talking about England's expectations for the world cup. Sorry for the quality, but you can hear the joke, and it's still better than I would summarize it.

What else? I thought there was more, but there isn't. Maybe there'll be more tomorrow? Maybe.

1 comment:

Maja said...

I've got ten Natalie Dee and toothpaste for breakfast t shirts. They rock. But it's pretty hard not to copy something, somewhere. Does anyone ever have original thoughts anymore? I think Olga Dee sounds great!