Monday, June 7, 2010

Ticking boxes!

Goal achieving - yes! I like how that yellow border has words of encouragement in it. Awesome.

I read a thing on Lifehacker about saving money and also decluttering your house - the Two for one rule. Basically, every time you buy anything, you have to get rid of two things. I certainly have a tendency to hoard, so it would definitely help me to throw things out (or sell them) more often.
Plus, to buy a new thing, I'd have to justify it being worth two things I already own, so maybe I wouldn't buy as much crap. Yay!


A possible name I thought of for my etsy store: Knit-for-brains. I like the implied swearing.


And finally, I need this cake for my next birthday.

funny food photos - Rainbow Laser Kitty WINS


northern musings said...

You are selling your red jacket???

I don´t think I could do that two for one thing... Anyway mum wouldn´t let me - she would be taking it out of the trash and storing it with her stuff at home.... Hoarding - a genetic malfunction.

Anna said...

I like this rule. I remember it used to be one thing, and you would ask if I wanted it. That was a pretty sweet rule.

Anna said...

Just found it on eBay. Incidentally, awesome name.

Do you think it will fit me? In which case, I will totally buy it off you. I need more jackets.

Man, perhaps I will sell some stuff on eBay this winter. I do like money.

olga said...

Well, Sigga, it remains to be seen if I can pull it off. Maybe I can claim credit for other things I've thrown away in the past?

Anna: The reason I'm getting rid of it is because it's pretty small and short. Also feel a little weird about selling you stuff on eBay.
Money is awesome! Do it!

olga said...

That last bit didn't make sense. I meant you should sell some stuff if you want to...

Anna said...

Yeah, I would feel weird too. Fair enough then! I will get newer and better coats.

Vicki said...

I looked on Etsy and Knit for Brains is taken by one person who hasn't updated since maybe something like "Knit for Brains R US"