Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Things I miss...

Inspired by a post by Dani, a girl I knew a little bit in Perth, and who lives in London now. And I just realised, most of mine are very similar to hers... Only she has some lovely pictures, too.

- Sunshine. Reliable, warm, bright and glarey sunshine. I'm not really that into summer, but I miss proper sun.

- Greenery and nature in general. To be fair, these things exist in England, but I don't manage to see them as much. I guess it's because of the area I live in, and work, and not having my own transport - I feel like it's more of a mission to get places, instead of just being able to hop in a car and drive there.

Speaking of which:
- Driving. I didn't actually appreciate driving when I was doing it all the time, but it is kind of awesome to control a big powerful machine with your only feet and hands (it's probably best if your brain is involved, too). It's also awesome to do so while singing really loudly to a mix cd that your brother made you. Singing along to your iPod on a bus is just not the same.

- My family, and the animals that live with them, and the house I grew up in. I miss being around all those people who've known me forever, and who have to love me and look out for me, no matter what.

-  Friends in general, and specifically: my old band, Boys Boys Boys! We used to sing and laugh and do crazy synchronised dance moves onstage... I had such a great times with those guys, and I really miss hanging out and singing mega harmonies with them!

 I'm sure there's plenty of good stuff around, no matter where you go. But you know, no place like home.

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