Friday, June 11, 2010


Check out this photo - I hope Vicki doesn't mind me posting it, she scanned it and emailed it for Ross and I to giggle over.

So guess who, when he was very young, got a nut stuck in his nose? Yup, that would be Ross.

And in the interest of balance, I'm trying to think of hilarious things I did when I was little, but I'm kind of stuck. Mum? Sigga? Amma? Feel free to join in.

I definitely cut my hair at some point, although apparently I cut a pretty straight line across one side, so mum cut the other side to match and gave me a mini-mullet.

Ooh, I just remembered something that seemed fine at the time, but in hindsight is hideous. I had a pet guinea pig called Casey*, and one night I decided that she'd probably like to sleep in my cubby house - a wooden shipping container on stilts. (p.s. Thanks Dad, best cubby ever!) She died overnight, I don't know whether from the cold or what, but the next morning she was all stiff and solid. So... I played with her for a few hours before we buried her - she became a noble Barbie steed, until Mum found out and made me stop.
Gee whiz, that story is terrible. I hope we can still be friends - I haven't messed with corpses since, I swear. Except for that one semester at uni. And when I worked at the abbatoir... And come to think of it, every time I prepare meat for eating.
Ah well. I'm terrible. Let's move on.

*I only named her Casey because I asked a friend of mine what to call her, and the friend said 'Anything but Casey, I have a cousin with that name and she's totally mean.' Apparently I was also totally mean - sorry Carla!


Hey so I was talking to a friend on facebook, and we were talking about having opinions and standing by them. In Australia, I think there's kind of an extension of the tall poppy thing whereby having opinions that you express to others as if they're important is seen as a bad thing. And having a blog purely to express such opinions? I feel like it's kind of frowned upon.

I definitely have trouble with conviction. Luckily I don't need to justify having a blog, because let's face it, it mostly started out as a way to stay in touch with my family while I'm over here. (I don't know if it's a good or a bad thing, but I pretty much write every post like it's an extended email to my parents. Hi Mum!)

Blogging aside, when I meet new people, I tend to be very non-committal about stuff I like (and don't like). It's like I still have that stupid high school fear of being 'caught out' liking the wrong things. This, I have realised, is the dumbest thing ever - how can I be wrong about what I like? Surely I am the boss of that?
Same with art - sometimes I feel like if I don't like something, it's more because I 'don't get it' - it's actually really valid and interesting, but goes way over my head. Such a silly way to think.

But back to my blog: doing this NaBloPoMo thing means I'm having to stretch more to find things to write about - there's only so many diary posts that can be done before it gets intolerable. And it seems like when I do write about my opinions on stuff, people totally engage more, comment, discuss, whatever. So maybe it's not such a bad thing to talk about what you really think.

Just a thought.


olga said...

And now, read through that last bit again and look at how many times I use words like maybe and sort of and kind of!

Yup. Got trouble with conviction.

Maja said...

Scientists tend to use language like that too. You can't always know everything for sure.

I've always been very opinionated. And although you can be wrong about facts, your opinion is yours to have and change whenever you want. I never realised that I was opinionated until my valdi's best friends girlfriends mum read my blog and said girlfriend told me that her mum said I was opinionated. I felt defensive about it for a while but now I don't care. Anyway, it's fun to express opinions and hear what other people think, I guess they're a way to open interesting discussions.

I'm loving your daily posts, it makes me feel closer to you and makes me want to post more too! Xox

s said...

rossbolt.jpg = best title ever! i too am enjoying these daily posts. also i am impressed you are keeping with it i am sure i would've failed by now!

Gill Omega said...

If it makes you feel better,once when I was young I almost accidentally hung my brother (eek!). We used to play cowboys&indians, &after you caught the indian, you got them to stand on this bucket, and tied a rope around the person's neck, & tied it to this low tree branch, & then gave a speech to the townsfolk about saving them (in a John Wayne voice, cause we watched Westerns. Not very PC, in hindsight!). Then you swapped roles... anyhow, my mum came out, yelling cause we were late for dinner, & said come inside right now! So we both ran inside (well, I assumed he was behind me!) but when my little bro ran- he jumped off the bucket! So mum was all, where's your brother? And she glanced back outside to tell him off for dawdling- and he was hanging there, suffocating! Obviously, cowboys & indians was banned, after that...!!

olga said...

Thanks dudes!

Vicki said...

Its funny that you posted the bolt up nose picture today...while I was catching up with friends at Genesis for lunch today in Roleystone I bumped into Dr Haggart (who recognised me after all this time) he was the one who had to try and remove it from a crying, squirming Ross!

Northern musings said...

I love your daily posts and having opinions means that you are interested and engaged with the world that you live in - all opinions are valid - they just aren´t always in line with other people's which makes it even more interesting!