Thursday, June 10, 2010

Productive - that's me!

Guess what I did today?
I put more stuff on ebay, which led to some hilarious self portraits:

I know this crop might be really annoying, but my right hand is smushed up against the door, and I wanted it to be symmetrical.

What else did I do? I tried on a pair of bathers that I thought I wanted, but they were weird.
Hmm, what else? I bought some sandals...

Oh yeah, and I quit my job - for real this time!

I was all prepared to just wait it out and work there until we left for Iceland, but I just don't think I can. Or no, I'm sure I could, but I don't want to.

Prepare for extended rant:

We had a staff meeting last night, and it the most pointless and stupid staff meeting I've ever attended, anywhere! At the beginning, the manager said that we should be making everything to the new brand standard, which we already knew. He told us that I was going to be promoted(ish) to be the person who's in charge when no one else is in charge - first of all, I hadn't officially agreed to that, secondly they weren't going to give me any more money because the manager is in trouble with head office, so "they would probably just say no, anyway".

Then it degenerated into everyone (bar me, although I was feeling it) saying how much they disliked working there, and how many times head office had ripped them off, and how they were totally going to leave. I've told the assistant manager that I want to leave, so I think he was trying to convince me to stay by saying 'hey, we're all in the same boat here!' 
I don't know if it's just me, but my reaction to that was 'if we're all so unhappy in this boat, why are we still here?' I did actually get pretty mad and had a bit of a rant, whereupon the manager turned around and said that if I wanted to go, lots of other people would take my job - apparently there are hundreds of resumes at head office.

So yeah. If hundreds of people want my job, let them have it. I went in today and gave the boss my resignation letter - at first he tried to tell me I had to give two weeks' notice, but I had my contract there and showed him the bit where it said 'one'.  Then I offered to stay an extra week anyway if they need me to - Momo will be on holiday next week and the week after, so it'll be pretty tough for them - but he acted like a sulky kid and said 'I don't care, do what you want to do, we don't need you'.
So that destroyed my last lingering feelings of goodwill - screw them.

Whoa, that was bigger than expected. Anyway, I'm feeling pretty good about my decisions. My housemate Victoria said an awesome inspiring thing this morning about not settling for being unhappy, but I can't seem to phrase it right.

Don't worry, be happy? That wasn't it, but it's also a good piece of advice.


Vicki said...

I think that is a lovely photo of you...I guess now you have more time to knit and crotchet for your Etsy store! Good luck!

Maja said...

Yeah screw them!!! Some places are so douchey they can't be helped, the best thing to do is leave. Happiness is way more important. Good on ya!

You'll find a new job soon.

In the meantime, holidays!! Xx

s said...

Yeah good on you! Choosing happy over money or security can be so hard but always worth it. Good luck!

Anonymous said...

Hi Poss,

Good on you! I'm sure you'll find another better job. The dress looks good. Love yous! Mum

Gill Omega said...

...that shot's for ebay, so this would be the wrong time to tell you how much the dress suits you, right?
Congrats on the quitting. You're like me- i nod, take abuse, nod, say something, put up with more, sit in a room full of people complaining, say something again, get verbally abused by the manager, & suddenly- I've quit! We're like simmering little powder kegs, LOL! Good on you :) Oh, were they vintage bathers? Many of my friends have had problems with vintage bathers looking weird when they try them on.

olga said...

Thanks guys! Happiness should beat money always - remind me for next time!

Gill: Not vintage, but sort of vintage style... And yep, it sounds like we're two peas in a pod!