Sunday, June 27, 2010


For a second there, I was worried we wouldn't make it home on time for me to write a post! It's okay though, I've got 14 whole minutes 'til midnight - enough time for a nice leisurely story.

So... Today we did some recording, it was pretty successful. Ross retracked most of his drums, Joe did some guitars, we all sang about hyenas in our most muppet-y voices, and the boys did some thigh slapping as percussion (Note: this sounds ridiculous, but makes a more awesome noise than handclaps - it also led to a discussion on the use of meat in sound effects - interesting...)

Then we watched the football, and England lost like the not-so-good team they are. I saw a comedian's funny take on it, but it may have to wait until I have longer than nine minutes to look for it.

So THEN. Ross tried to find the keys for the van that he borrowed from work. He thought he gave them to me, but I couldn't find them - it's okay, they turned up in the GPS bag. Unfortunately, when we took the keys to the parking spot, the van was gone.
Yup, apparently that one parking spot was suspended from today until tomorrow, and it got towed! Super frustrating times, hey.

It ends well, though - Joe took the gear home in a cab, Ross and I used the wonderful internets to find out where Hackney council tows cars (Andrew's Road, if you ever need to know) and we managed to talk a lovely lady into giving the van back to us - apparently if you can name enough stuff in your car, you get to have it back! (My cars usually contain lolly wrappers, but hey, maybe it's okay if you just tell them you really like Minties.)

Long long long day! Tomorrow, I shall regale you with videos of thigh slapping fun and awesome Irish comedians, but for now - sleep!

Edited to add: Okay, so the post time says that it's two minutes past midnight, but my computer still says 11:58, dammit!


northern musings said...

you are an absolute hero doing these posts. I really need to get motivated and write something. Maybe tonight I will find some energy.... Glad all went well with the van!

eva.diblasio said...

Such annoying times with the van!! Glad it all worked out in the end. Nice to hear your stories Olga!! xx