Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Oh no!

Now I'm overthinking it all. Um... um. What have I previously written about?

Work. Yes!

I ended up working a double shift today, because assistant manager man sprained his ankle last week. Today was his first day back, and he was hobbling so pitifully that I offered to close for him. Also he's been trying to help me out with things like getting paid more, so I feel good about helping out.

I may also end up doing a double tomorrow - it's supposed to be Momo's* turn, but he tends to get a teensy bit whingey when he's tired, so I think I'd rather do the extra work instead. At least I don't have to listen to myself moan if I don't want to.

* his real name is Mohammed, but Momo is way funnier. He's a pretty funny dude.

What else? Ooh, I forgot to mention my awesome weekend!
Saturday night we went out dancing with Daisy and Victoria - it was great fun! We went to a pub in Islington that played awesome tunes, and we danced like crazy people for hours! I haven't danced like that in a long time - I have to admit that I was pretty knackered the next day. Definitely getting old.

Luckily Ross and I both had Sunday AND Monday off - yay for all the bank holidays in May! So we ate nice food and watched videos and went to the British Library to see an exhibition about maps. FUN!

And that's all.


northern musings said...

Momo is a good name - glad that you had fun on Saturday night! I am starting to get panicky about work, too many meetings in this politics business and we haven´t even started yet!

Maja said...

Oh yay, public holidays! I keep seeming to be home on break during long weekends which is unfortunate as I have to go back to work on the MOnday instead of have a day off, but I suppose I get the five day weekend every fortnight.