Monday, June 21, 2010

Meatspace and kitten-face

Today I read a thing that referred to the real world (as opposed to online) as 'meatspace'. For example, when you know someone online, it's totally different from knowing them in meatspace.

I kinda like it, it's always a bit funny to be reminded that you're made of meat.


So, I'm feeling a bit meh and blah today, maybe we'll call it 'bleh'. There will be no unifying theme to this post, no revelations of startling truths (except the meat thing, I guess), and no spectacular stories that will move you to your very core. I guess this is the downside of posting all the time, whether you have something to say or not.


I did quite a bit of band admin today, sending a bio and photos and info to the people who run the End of the Road Festival - we're playing there in September. It looks like a pretty cool little show, very intimate and friendly. There's some awesome bands playing, including Wilco and Modest Mouse, so it should be a lovely weekend. 
And it has to be said: To any of my former or current band members who had to do more than their fair share of admin because I couldn't be bothered, thank you, and I'm sorry! That is some truly annoying and time consuming crap right there. 


And to finish, five things I'm grateful for:
1. my Ross.
2. sunshine.
3. feeling like I can pretty much do what I want with my life.
4. having family that I love and who love me.
5. the internet: for helping me stay in touch, teaching me things, and for showing me pictures like this:


Northern musings said...

How is the skin healing going? So, when in September is the gig? How long will you be in Iceland for? I think amma bought a mobile home today... well she will probably close the deal tomorrow. It's a 30 year old mercedes benz wohnmobile... Guess where amma and I will be every weekend this summer... on the road was that for a disjointed comment.

Maja said...

Aw. Unifying theme, I like that phrase, or is it just a joining of words? The last two posts I've emailed to blogger haven't worked, I don't think it's accepting pictures fir some reason which is totally demotivating me to post at all. And I have lots of pics to post from Melbourne. Booo work Internet is rubbish. I even have to read your blog on my iPhone now. Xxx

KH said...

BAND ADMIN. I totally did not do enough band admin the last time around.

Damn you and your killer European festivals!

Vicki said...

Cute picture Olga! And yes when are you going to Iceland?

This is for Sigga and Kristinn....WOW a mobile home that sounds so will have to post photos soon as the deal is sealed.

Gill Omega said...

Disjointed works for me. It's a sign of a tangental mind, which, of course, is the best :)

olga said...

Sigga: Good - got some awesome nappy rash cream! The 11th! Don't know yet!
Whooooooa... Mobile home? That's great! Sounds like August will be fantastic fun!

Maja: Argh, the internet. It sucks that they've blocked you out at work... Can't wait to see your Melb pics!

K: Yeah, admin's not so bad, but I've always had really pro active bandmates who couldn't be bothered waiting for me to do it.

Hmm, I did indeed forget how awesome these festival opportunities are - if you happen to be here in September, I'll put you on the door!

Vicki: I just booked a flight for mum and me, we'll be there from the 21st of August until...?

Gill: Ooh, tangential mind, I'm going to use that in the future!