Friday, June 4, 2010

Man with a plan for a van...

So we are going to move to Iceland at the end of this year. It is going to be great. Ideally, we'd also like to travel a bit before then, but can't really devote much time or money to it.

Yesterday when I came home from work, Ross said he had a neat idea for how to kill two birds with one stone (metaphorically. He doesn't have that many suggestions for how to bludgeon birds.)

Step one - buy a van. Fill it with our stuff.

Step two - drive the van to Denmark, maybe via some awesome European countries that we've never visited before.

Step three - put our van on a ferry, and take a two day cruise to Seyðisfjörður!

Step four - drive up north to where our dream home will be waiting, and fill it with all our stuff. Live happily ever after.

Good plan, hey?

So... Can anyone suggest what kind of biggish car would be a reliable one to buy secondhand for not too much money? Mercedes? Volvo? Citroen? I'm suspicious of them, because isn't that French for lemon, and isn't a lemon a crappy car?

So many question marks.


Gill Omega said...

Absolutely no idea on the car front (I can barely remember the name of my own!) but kudos on the bird joke, cracked me up!

Vicki said...

Sounds like a cool idea but you will need to get one that is left hand drive!

Anonymous said...

Hi, I think you can get a cheap car in Iceland with the economic turn down. Ship your stuff to Iceland and buy a cheapie to travel around in. Maybe not. Catching the ferry is a good idea. It leaves from Scotland as well. I do hope you do some travelling before settling down. How about driving around James Herriott's turf, in the Yorkshire Dales?Love you guys lots. Don't work too hard!!!! Mum

Maja said...

Hmmm, JJ and I were talking about getting a van for when we have lots of people to move. He keeps talking about having to upsize houe and car when we have a family.... I think we have time to stick with what we have for now.

I think that it's pretty hard to go wrong with toyotas. They are a good brand, and parts are cheap and easy to get.

Brands like volvo and mercedes are expensive in australia, maybe not so much in europe. I read that volvo market very well in the brand name but they are not necessarily the best. Do not buy citroen. I'm pretty sure that's guaranteed bad.

Sigh. I'm so sad you won't be able to come to our wedding, but I totally understand, after all, we didn't come to yours for similar reasons.


Maja said...

PS citroen=lemon. nuff said.

Kerry and Stephen said...

I agree Maja, Toyota's are very reliable. Happy travels guys!

Kerry and Stephen said...
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