Tuesday, June 1, 2010

June resolutions!

You have no idea how long I sat here trying to figure out how to make that into one word... Reso-june-tions? June-solutions - actually I kind of like that one. Yes, I have a sickness for word-merging. Let's move on.

So anyway, I didn't have any new year's resolutions (pause of about ten minutes while I double check that I didn't post any here - whew, safe!), but I have some plans that I really want to follow through on. What better way to commit than to announce them in public? You guys can all hassle me if I cop out.

In no particular order:

1) NaBloPoMo! Okay, I stumbled across it on someone else's blog, then I looked it up partially because I was curious about whether it's a Doctor Who in-joke (although I never did find out).

Basically, you post on your blog every day for a month. It can be any month, although if you do it in November you get a chance to win awesome prizes! It seems like it might be fun, I hope it will lead to less editing and more exposition of self and interesting thoughts. Then again, it could end up being mostly stories about rude customers and weird memes.
I bet you guys can't wait to find out.

2) Getting creative with ways to save money... As you guys may or may not know, Ross and I are going to be moving to Iceland at the end of the year, and we'd like to be able to put a deposit on a house, therefore we are in mega savings mode.

    Part one: I'm going to start selling stuff on eBay. I talk about it all the time, but I really need to do it! I have quite a few neat op shop finds that I should be able to make a profit on. If it works out, maybe I'll make a habit of scouring the high street for awesome stuff and selling it on!

    Part two: I'm going to set up an online store on etsy.com, and sell some exciting homemade things! I wouldn't mind some input on this one, so if anyone has any amazing ideas they'd like to share for a) what I should call my brand, and b) what kind of stuff I should make, let me know! There'll be much gratitude from me and possibly some knitted toys named after you. How could you resist?

Whoa, I felt like I had lots of stuff to resolve, but I think that's it. Make more money, and write more stuff. Maybe make money from writing stuff? That one is not yet a resolution, but a let's wait and see...


I think that's about it - except wanna look at a cute comic about a catnap?


northern musings said...

I like the idea of a post a day.. would be good to have something else to read every day! Also like the idea of the ebay and esty thingy... what to knit - have no idea - although Nick said he has a friend that makes musical instruments out of felt. he will have to explain the how and all that. Am sure that you will find lots of other junolutions to do! Love you

Gill Omega said...

When you set up a site of awesome Olga inventions, tell me and I'll help promo it :)

Maja said...

My main goal in life these days is to pay off the mortgage. Owning your own house is great. Or part owning it, I guess. You're a great saver, I'm sure you will have a deposit by the time you get to Iceland. Those ideas sound great!

Anonymous said...

hi poss,
An idea is in the post (snail mail). Please blog every day, I'd love it. The cup cake you sent is AMAZING!!! Thank you, the kids in my class (and me) think you're awesome!