Wednesday, June 30, 2010

June in review...

Goal #1: NaBloPoMo - TICK!

Goal #2: Part 1 - eBay - TICK!
               Part 2 - etsy - TICK!

Man, someone get me a gold star!


Don't worry about it, I found a whole bunch! (photo credit)

Etsy took a big chunk of my day to sort out, but I think it'll be pretty quick to upload things from here on in. I had someone message me while I still was uploading octopuses, to ask if I could make one for her in a different colour. So I did, and she's theoretically going to buy it - so I've nearly sold something already! Exciting times!

I still need to figure out a pretty way to package them when I send them out. I could origami up some boxes? Or just use pretty paper and ribbons... I'm definitely going to put some sort of business cards in the packages (thanks for that suggestion, Maja!) Anyone else got any fantastic ideas?


I haven't applied for any jobs today, although yesterday I applied for my new dream job: at the yarn store down the road.

Can you imagine it?  It's okay if you can't, I'm imagining enough for the both of us!

They had a sign up saying they had a full time vacancy for a 'shop girl' - sounds perfect, yes? I had some CVs on me, so I dropped one off.  However, my CV is mostly cafe experience, so when I've been applying for retail or office work or whatever, I usually add a giant cover letter about how customer service skills are transferable, and how I'm a really fast learner...  I think I'll go back and visit tomorrow - bring them a letter and maybe an octopus!


I've quite enjoyed this 'posting every day' thing. It's become a habit, so perhaps I'll keep up the frequent updates on every facet of my life in disturbing detail - aren't you excited?
I've definitely enjoyed making resolutions and then doing them - that might have to become a regular occurrence, too! Don't they say it only takes ten repetitions for something to become a habit? One month down...

On that note... What's coming up in July? 

Did someone say NaNoWriMo?

I should probably get a job. Apart from that, I'll devote my time to making things and being awesome!


Northern musings said...

Yep time for some study - sociolinguistics, I did it in the third year of my BA and loved it! Such a fascinating subject about language and its evolution. I am sure you can do something on line somewhere. Amma just read your last week of posts - laughed out loud a number of times - so impressed with your handiwork as well! And she totally understands the yarn shop thing!

Northern musings said...
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Northern musings said...

ooopss double post

Vicki said...

Well done!!! I love your Etsy store and the star banner looks great.

Yes keep up the blogging I love waking up and reading it...always makes me smile....a good way to start the day! And with the writing...I am sure there would be heaps of online Uni courses around.

s said...

I also endorse the regular postings to continue please! And congratulations on completing your June goals. Good luck with the yarn store (haha, yarn store, that is funny for some reason) it sounds like an amazingly appropriate job for you!