Thursday, June 17, 2010

Happy 17th of June!

... which is Iceland's national day, and also the day I became an unemployed hobo! I guess the hobo part will probably take a while to sort out, but I am definitely without work, and therefore wearing nail polish!

I assumed it was common knowledge, because I've always worked in hospitality, but Victoria was surprised to hear it, so maybe you'll be, too: it's against the rules to wear nail polish if you're making food or drinks. Maybe it isn't everywhere, but most places I've worked have that rule. Boo to that rule! Having coloured nails is fun and awesome and one of life's little pleasures.

My wishful thinking re: employment worked out so well last time - all I wanted was a job I knew how to do, and with no commute - and I got hired at Costa. So here's my new dream job: I'll work at the bargain bookshop on the high street, and I'll be allowed to wear whatever colour nail polish I want. It's a pretty nice little store, and the staff always seem to just be hanging out, reading books and listening to old music. Sounds like fun, right?


Yay! Almost all the stuff I posted on eBay has been bid on and will therefore be sold, although not necessarily for very much... I guess it's more than I'd get if I took it to Oxfam. And the one thing I didn't sell is the one thing that I hoped wouldn't sell anyway. My secret mind powers are awesome.

I'm going to post some more stuff for sale tomorrow - and maybe my weekend off will be the time to stockpile some crustaceans for sale on etsy... We shall see how that goes. I think the key to selling things might be to learn to take good pictures of said things - Kristinn? Feel like skyping a lesson on ISO and the right lighting for pictures of knitted treats?

Oooh, Joe is also doing lots of photography at the moment - he's been accepted into a course that starts in September, which is rad and exciting. Maybe I'll see if he's in the mood to do some artsy octopus portraits sometime soon...


And I think that's pretty much it. Here's a fluffy cloud in the shape of a heart:

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northern musings said...

Well done with the ebay stuff - you can do this for me when you come to Iceland - you can help me minimalise (will be a tough job) - but we could start with the books that I haven't given away to the library.