Friday, June 18, 2010

There's no place like...

Ten of my homes, in order:

1. Manjimup - in a farmhouse that my dad built! I don't really remember much about it, and the stuff I remember, I'm not sure if I actually remember or have just seen it in pictures. Kristinn once made upstairs into the ice-planet Hoth by tearing open a packet of flour. I fell down the stairs and still have the scar on my face.
The one thing that I'm pretty sure I remember was a seesaw that went around in circles as well as up and down. (dear family, if this isn't true, please don't disillusion me.)

2. Sauðárkrókur - we lived with my grandma and grandpa, and then later moved to an apartment block. Again, I think I remember sitting in the lounge room and then being told that I had a new baby sister - I mostly remember a weird tense vibe that didn't really fit with just hanging out and watching TV.

I definitely remember being at Amma's house and being told that I couldn't go to Drangey because I wasn't dressed appropriately. Now, Drangey is an island in the bay - it's basically a cliff sticking out of the ocean, with a flat grassy plain on top (either that, or it's a troll cow that's been turned to stone). It's a pretty hard climb to the top, and once you get there, the edges are crumbly and dangerous. It is no place for a four year old. At the time, however, I remember being adamant that I could go home and change - I clearly felt very strongly about it, because it's stuck with me for twenty odd years.

3. Maddington - I think this was the house that my grandma and grandpa lived in when they first came to Australia. Our backyard had a whole bunch of fruit trees - plums, apples, oranges (or were they mandarins?), passionfruit and grapes. There were also almonds and heaps and heaps of bunnies, but they're not fruit (duh).

Sigga lived just up the road, and I remember lots of big fun family gatherings at her house and in her pool.

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Whoa, it was quite difficult to steal this picture. Why will you not let me steal pictures, blogger? 
Oh yeah, copyright infringement. I guess that's fair enough.

4. Roleystone - We moved away from Maddington after our house got broken into, possibly a couple of times? There could have been a connection between these two things.

When we were looking for a new house, Mum had a checklist of three things that she wanted: a garage, a double sink and... I can't remember the third one? A bath? Or was that me?

Our house in Roley had none of the above, but it had a lovely feeling to it, so they bought it anyway.

I've spent most of my life in that house, and it is beautiful and precious to me.

5. Sauðárkrókur again - I went to Iceland and lived with my grandma twice, for about a year at a time - once when I was twelve, and again when I was eighteen. I got homesick like crazy both times, but I learnt a lot about who I am and what I want to be. And of course I got the chance to fall in love with Iceland as an (almost) adult.

6, 7 and 8. North Perth - I lived in three separate houses, all of them within a three block radius.

In the first house, my bedroom was a shoebox, and I lived with two dudes who were even slobbier than I was.
In the second, I accidentally ousted a flatmate who didn't want to live with two siblings (me and K) - it's okay though, he was a bit creepy and weird anyway. Then Ross moved in, Kristinn moved out, and Ross and I played house for a while. We also tried to play catch-the-mouse-that-lives-under-the-loungeroom-floorboards and keep-the-lawn-alive, but we never really managed those ones.
Then we moved in with Joe, where we had an above ground pool and a concrete jungle in the backyard. Our kitchen was a rehearsal space/venue, and we had some awesome parties. That last one was a doozy.

9. Roleystone again - briefly, just before we left for London. It was great to spend some hardcore time with family before we went away.

10. London -  I've got my beefs with this city, but it has been a pretty great experience living here. It's harder than living in Perth, but there's so much to do and see... You know. It's London-y.

And next up, Ross and I will go back to Iceland, if everything goes according to plan. I'm really excited about it.

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Northern musings said...

Great post Olga - inspires me to do something similar... glad that I haven´t given Maggi´s scanner back. I think that mine may go past 10 though - but does that matter!?? hmm am going to have to do a word doc first I think as I try to remember my life..... Can´t wait for you guys to get here!