Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Etsy Betsy Spider...

Hmm... I just created an Etsy account, and then read the article on 'helpful tips for naming your etsy store!' Oops. Oh well, that's what multiple email accounts are for, right?

I used olgadepolga, named after those books about a guinea pig that I was obsessed with when I was little. I was so crazy about them, and about guinea pigs in general - K once tried to get me to read Watership Down, which is an awesome book about bunnies, and I refused on the basis that there were no guinea pigs in it. I guess I had decided that I'd only read books about guinea pigs? Ridiculous.
Two problems with the etsy name:
1) Turns out you're allowed to use capitals, which makes things easier to read and remember, so OlgaDePolga would probably be better.
2) There's a store in Shoreditch called Olga De Polga, and I don't know if it's poor form (or illegal?) to use the name... Theirs is a fashion store, I'm not sure if it's a chain or a one off... Probably best to err on the side of caution.

Also, should it be something more relevant? Something octopus related? OctoParty? It may become slightly irrelevant if I ever start making anything other than octopi... But why would I ever do that?


I have an interview tomorrow for a job I applied for yesterday - yay for being theoretically employable! It's in Camden, which is a little bit of a hike, but only compared to my last work commute.
I also went up to the village today and applied at one of the nice-ish restaurants. I was going to go to the pubs, too, but it turned out to be just before the England game started - I prefer to apply for jobs when it's nice and quiet, and you can talk to people properly. It becomes harder to make a good impression when you're shouting to be heard over the yobs chanting England slogans...


My tattoo is healing up - read: it is the itchiest thing in the entire world and I'm not allowed to touch it.  Photos to follow when there's less ink flaking off.
Aaaaand... That's about all. It is too hot to think (26 degrees? Toasty.) Tomorrow might be my last day of unemployment for the time being, I'm going to try to get up early-ish and enjoy it! I keep telling Ross that I'll get up with him at seven, so we can share a pot of coffee, but it never happens. Maybe tomorrow.


Maja said...

JJ and I stayed in Camden for a few days in 2006, the last time we came to Iceland. I must say that after the shops and markets closed it was quite a scary place!

Can you not change your etsy shop name now?

I can't wait to check it out, though I bet I can't look at it from work.


KH said...

26 degrees!!!! How can you get anything done!

olga said...

Maja: the registration page has a big warning down the bottom saying you can't change your username, and that whatever you choose will be your store name forever - weird, hey?
But I can always just make a new account...

K: I don't understand why 26 feels so much hotter here... Not used to being warm anymore. Boo!