Friday, June 25, 2010


Took some pictures of my octopus friends using a combination of tips from Kristinn and etsy.

I like it when the rest of them are in a gang at the back, and there's just one dude in front posing and looking awesome and hip.

I also made this guy - he's slightly bigger than the others, and his tentacles are more wormy and tentacle-y. I kinda like him.

I have sent an email to the people with the Olga De Polga store (or is it a fashion label?) just to see what they feel about the situation. It seems like the best thing to do, rather than getting in trouble later on down the line. Also, I've been to their store, and along with clothes, they also sell a few weird little accessories, so maybe they can sell my stuff there, too?

Maybe maybe maybe.


What else? Oh yeah, I had a job interview last night, for what turned out to be a catering-style job for, an online fashion store. Sound familiar? It would be another job like the first one I had here in London, serving food to fashion bitches (excuse my language, Mum, but I believe it's the appropriate term). Turns out the chef guy who interviewed me had actually worked at Spring a while ago! Ah the small world of fashion catering - how have I become involved in it?

Anyway, I did the interview - it was fine, except I was late, despite leaving my house an hour and a half before I had to be there. Stupid public transport. I arrived five minutes late, but I had called him and I must have seemed worried about it, because he assured me it was fine... BUT he'd totally written it down at the top of my CV, AND underlined it.  I understand, lateness is a pet peeve of mine, and it's possible that I'd dismiss a prospective employee if they were continually late, but dude: don't tell me it doesn't matter if it clearly does!

I left the interview feeling okay, but I realised that I don't really want to work in that fashion-y environment again, and the commute was a bit of a hassle. Plus it's only twenty hours a week. So I said no to doing an unpaid trial today - possibly a mistake, but I feel confident about finding something better.


Anjay is coming over for dinner tonight, I haven't seen her in ages! I'm trying to decide what to make - curry is our traditional big family dinner, just because it's so easy to cook up into a big feast... 

We have a little disposable charcoal barbecue that people use for picnics over here, but I'm a bit worried it would smoke out our neighbours. Pizza? Risotto? Souffle? I'm going to put it out there, it's highly unlikely that I'll ever try to make a souffle.

I think I'll just let the supermarket inspire me! Inspiring places, supermarkets. Honest.


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Maja said...

Wow I love the starry paper! Great photos! You definitely make them look even more appealing.

Yeah that's totally hypocritical saying it doesn't matter if you're late then writing it at the top of your resume. They would have been jerks to work for.

olga said...

Thanks, guys!