Thursday, June 24, 2010


I decided that I wasn't going to do anything in particular today, but I forgot that doing nothing in particular sometimes makes me feel like I haven't done anything useful - which is true - but I too often use 'doing useful things' as an indicator of personal worth.

Oooh, wait, I'm sure I saw a blog prompt for this very occasion - what do you do to cheer yourself up?

I don't really have a set routine - I've never really thought about it before. Maybe I have a tendency to just wallow in my misery instead of trying to snap myself out of it? No more!

Now that I think about it, I usually tend to distract myself with a book or tv show. If I'm upset, most of the time it's because I'm worrying about something in a pointless way. I end up just looping the anxiety in my brain, which is dumb. But it means that if I can think about something else for a while, I forget why I felt so bad in the first place. Take that stupid brain!

Another thing I like is tea. I don't really drink that much tea, but I love the idea of tea. It's sociable like coffee, but without all the caffeine. The little ritual of it makes me feel like I'm actively doing something to make myself feel better, even if it's only putting hot water on dry leaves.

Showers are awesome and refreshing, and if I am at the weepy stage of being upset, then heck, it's a great place to cry.

I should definitely count my blessings more, as I have so many good things going on. Maybe I should try to do it on a daily basis, to remind myself that everything's awesome before I start worrying- prevention is better than cure, right?

What else? There's a bunch of stuff that I should do but don't often manage: I'm sure that getting out of the house and doing something interesting would help. Exercising makes you feel great, right? Makeover, tidying up, throwing things away? All good things.

And of course, the best cure for sadness ever:

I feel better already.


Gill Omega said...

The West ran an interview with this lady who writes self-help books & this quote stuck with me:

"The past is research, the future is speculation and the present is anything you want it to be."

Also, people say, go for a walk, but walking without getting anywhere, without a point, when you're already a bit down (ie around the block) makes me feel awful-er! But I'm generally not in the mood to walk toward anything too taxing (ie hanging out with people) but like you, I like to feel like I'm doing something, so I'll walk to buy stamps, or milk or something. Oddly, you can get quite peppy doing a series of simple little things in a row :)

olga said...

That's a pretty good quote...

Good advice too! Little achievements can be satisfying enough to pull me out of a bad mood!


northern musings said...

love the hedgehogs... so cute! I wish you could be here for lummudagar! Action packed weekend! Oh, and amma has bought a wohnmobile!

Maja said...

I'm a big fan of cheesy tv therapy for anxiety and bad moods. Maybe that's why I'm not finding the three week separations from Jason so hard, because I fill my evenings after work with watching tv shows I like. Ugly Betty is my happy show at the moment. Plus I'm gymming every night. Exercise must help.