Sunday, June 20, 2010


Going to go watch Italy vs. New Zealand at a pub somewhere, then going to an exhibition at the Tate Modern. Victoria and Daisy work there, and it's the 'friends and families' opening night tonight, so I think we get to go for free!


I have been looking at etsy stuff, but haven't done anything about it just yet... It's pretty cool, they seem to have so much information about how to make your etsy store serious business - following monthly trends, checking google searches and changing tags on your stuff accordingly. I think I might just put stuff up there and see how it goes. I can always improve sales once I've figured out what I'm doing!

Oh yeah, and K sent me step by step instructions to taking good photos - hooray!


Also, I idly googled 'how to get a Mills and Boon published' and found 'How To Write For Modern Romance'. I already knew that these were pretty formulaic novels, but I didn't realise that there was actually a set of rules you have to follow.  Depending on which type of M&B  you're writing (romance, historical romance, medical romance - yep, that genre exists), your 'alpha lead' needs to fulfil a different set of rules to make him just the right kind of creepy:

Mills & Boon Modern Romance®
Commanding: he’s always in control and calling the shots – except when the heroine finally tames him…
Demanding: he’s come a long way since his emotionally or financially impoverished childhood; he wants it done, and he wants it done now!
Arrogant:  he believes in himself and the reach of his influence, totally – until the battle with his feelings for the heroine begins…
Passionate:  sensual and sexy, he uses his charm and power to get what he wants, though his need for the heroine may ultimately prove stronger
Status: impossibly wealthy, probably self-made; often has celebrity status in the media.  The ruler of all he surveys, be it a company or a country

So. Yeah. Maybe not a viable career option, then. And if it ever is, you can rest assured I will use a pseudonym and deny it til the day I die.


Maja said...

We just watched the game when we got home from Melbourne. It was a pretty good game! I'm glad the kiwis drew with Italy.

Northern musings said...

Oh Olga, love it - but I think you need to actually be a reader of M&B's - as you know me and your mum were addicted for a time. Great way to lose track of reality. I think that you should go for the general novel - like the stuff about the people in the cafe. Thats your strength - your ability to see people and a story with everyone you meet. But an M&B would be fun - I will read it and crtitique (as a former expert)

Anonymous said...

I don't know man, I don't think that's the attitude anymore. Give people a little credit. I think the key to it would probably be making it easily accessible so that people can imagine themselves in the book. Twilight anyone?

I know I'd be dying for romance novels that aren't hyper creepy.