Saturday, June 5, 2010

Black's white today, and day's night today!

Not really, but I'm listening to Ella Fitzgerald, and it's so good I had to share... Oops, the song on now is 'Too darn hot' which would have been entirely appropriate as a post title. Oh well, too late now.

 Meme time! I appropriated this from a blog where I once found a crocheting pattern for a kitten. Also, it's probably where I first saw the term NaBloPoMo... Yay!
Without any further ado: Bullet points of randomness.

Tomorrow: I'm working from ten til three, then having the afternoon off!
Feeling: sweaty. 'Tis muggy today.
Happy because: I just ate a delicious frittata and am now watching Top Gear with Ross.
Today I: worked and worked. And was quite moody about the whole thing.
Laundry: Ross just said he'd do some tomorrow! WIN!
Something I know: Handheld fans are pretty cool. Thanks Eva!
Currently reading: Nothing! I've been doing crossword puzzles in the Evening Standard on my breaks at work, but I think I need to find something soon - suggestions?
Wanting: mo' money.
Favorite gadget: Are laptops gadgets? Am I impossibly old fashioned for even suggesting it?
Thankful that: the hard parts of today are over.
Wondering why: the guy next door plays his early 90's hits so loud! No no no no no no no no no no no no there's no limits!


Anonymous said...

Hey poss, I'm supposed to be doing my reports but it's a slow process. Sent you a package and then realised I sent Ross' b card to 87 A!!! Oops. Hopr all's well. Love. Mum

olga said...

it's ok we got the birthday card anyways.