Tuesday, June 15, 2010


Did you guys see the North Korean guy bawling his eyes out during their national anthem before the game? So sweet - must be such an overwhelming moment for the poor little guy. Apparently they're all just amateur dudes, and they're playing in the World Cup! Pretty neat.


So I was super assertive at work yesterday, it was awesome! The boss guy asked me what I had decided to do, after his latest offer of more money, etc, and I told him that I was still going to leave.

Manager man: 'Okay... So your last day will be the 24th, right?'
Me: 'No, remember, I gave you notice on the 10th? So it'll be the 17th.'
Him: 'Oh, but it's going to be really hard, because Momo's still on holiday until the 24th...'
Me: *fumes*

You guys remember how that went, right? I offered to help out, he sulked like a little kid and told me to do what I wanted. So I was speechless for a bit, then I was awesome!

Me: Look. If you wanted me to cover Momo's holidays, then when I offered to cover Momo's holidays, you should have said yes olga, I would really appreciate that!
Him: *Scoffs* Oh, so you're not doing it just because I didn't say I appreciated you...
Me: No, I'm not doing it because you didn't say YES when I offered to do it!
       (also, unsaid: would it kill you to show some appreciation? In what way would it be damaging to anyone for me to get some gratitude? My old boss was the same - what the hell is up, UK? I promise, being nice won't hurt you.)

Gah, it made me so mad, but I was so proud of myself for speaking up. He just moped around for a while after that - I don't think anything will really change, but maybe he'll think twice about how he treats his staff.

In other news, Khaled, (assistant manager man) is still totally on my side. The area manager for Boots (a pharmacy chain) came in and ordered coffee, and Khaled asked him if he needed any staff for his store, because I was looking for a new job, and he could thoroughly recommend me. They don't have anything going, but the thought was nice.


Northern musings said...

You realise that you are now my new hero!!! Need you here asap to help me battle the new playing field that is sveitastjórn - my god talk about a huge sandpit for kiddies to play in!!

Vicki said...

You are awesome...well done!