Tuesday, May 25, 2010


'... yesterday my life was cold and gre-ey!'

C'mon, try and tell me you're not singing along.
Doesn't matter anyway, I won't believe you.

Ahem. So we just had a great couple of days with my lovely sister-in-law Eva, who is now on a plane back to Perth. She's just been in Cannes for the film festival, swanning around in beautiful dresses and partying with famous people... That's how I imagine it, anyway.

The weather has been amazing for the last couple of days, I think it must have been at least 25 degrees yesterday. WHOA! And it didn't even rain in between sunny periods, it was just... warm. Ah London, you've definitely taught me to appreciate beautiful weather... And, it seems, you've also taught me how to ramble on about it!

We went to Victoria Park, and walked around Bethnal Green and visited Eva's old stomping grounds. I'm trying to think of specifically awesome stuff we did, but it was really just leisurely rambling around the place, stopping for a bit of shopping or a pint every now and again. We had pizza for dinner with an awesome lady that Eva met in Cannes, and then watched some football at her house.

It was pretty much the epitome of a lovely day off!

I'll leave you with this:

Had to be done.


northern musings said...

So cute! So did you watch Eurovision??? Iceland is through to the final on Saturday! Can imagine that you had a great time with Eva - she is such a wonderful person!

Vicki said...

Mmm, Eva with her video camera in your face Ross...was that fun???

Is it an English thing to wear a singlet when it is only 25...don't remember Ross wearing them in Perth when it was 35!

Looks like a lovely day...wish I was there to enjoy with you all!

Bob Mac said...

London is beautiful in the sun, looks like you're having a ball.